Sunday, May 15, 2016

Of Hedgehogs and Cinco De Mayo

hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life! 

Right now I find myself in the city of Alingsås! I moved here about four weeks ago! Alingsås is a cute little city on the western side of Sweden. I am about 40 minutes outside of Gothenberg (or Göteborg if you want to be Swedish!) so we usually go there on P-Days. Alingsås is quite small, but it is beautiful! It is just so little and quaint and welll... mysig! Mysig is a cool word in Swedish that we don't have in English. It translates to a mix of cozy and magical. It is a cool word. But that describes Alingsås very well. It is a very picturesque city. It is pretty stereotypically ''Swedish'' too :) I like it here! Which is good because I think this is going to be my last area. 

I am with a new companion too! His name is Äldste Falkner. He comes from the land of... **drumroll please** LONDON, ENGLAND. He is a super fun guy and we are getting along well. He is teaching me all kinds of good British slang! One thing that is funny about Alingsås is that there are lots of ducks here, and because we walk around a lot as missionaries and we see all the ducks, Äldste Falkner has named them! So he introduces me to ducks as we walk along. He is pretty talkative and we have a good time chatting about everything! 

Here are some higlights of the past month:

-I saw a hedgehog for the first time in my life! Like, I'm not even sure if we have those things in Idaho or not. If we do, I've never seen one. Lots of people say that they are all over the place here but I just barely saw one :) 

-We had a member give us a tour of Göteborg! We saw some awesome churches and some cool views over the city. 

-We had our very own missionary Valborg! (remember the big bonfire holiday from last year?!) 

excerpt from 2015: [So Valborg is a viking holiday whose origins I have neglected to learn. Valborg from the viewpoint of an ignorant foreigner goes like so: 

a)  On the last day of April, take a pile of all the crappy sticks, twigs, branches, and anything else that can burn and put it in a big pile. If it isn't taller than you it is not good enough. 

b) Light that thing on fire. 

c) Stare at it until it is nothing but ashes. 

d) Now that winter is ''burnt out'' carry on with regular life. It probably is still really wintery though, because Sweden.]

All of the fires in Göteborg started too late for missionaries (which is only like 8 at night...) so we were forced to take matters into our own hands. We did our very own! We had a little fire, adn we had speeches, and poetry, and musical numbers. It was awesome even though it rained the whole time. I think it worked though because it is getting super hot here (finallly!) Everyone is naked and I am just walking around in a suit like ''what up?!'' 

-We also had our own Cinco De Mayo celebration recently. All the missionaries got together in Göteborg after district meeting and we made some nachos! I did a small presentation on the history of Cinco De Mayo (which is totally not the Mexican celebration of independence) and we made some cool Spanish cupcakes. We even had our very own real life Mexican, Syster Hong! Her parents are from Mexico so she made some bomb guacamole for all of us whitey Americans. It was a true fiesta. 

Right now we are working hard to find investigators and teach some people! It is coming slowly but guess what! Swedes are nicer now that the sun is out. We are talking to lots of people on the street and having a good time!

Love you all, see you soon!