Monday, April 4, 2016

Hallå allihoppa!

Hallå allihoppa!

It's me again! 

I have recently been informed by my little sister that I have less than 100 days on my mission. 2 digits! I am not personally counting down, but it appears that my family is counting down for me whether I like it or not! Gotta love em :) 

What has been going on here though? I'll tell you! 

Some random things!
- We went and saw a soccer game in Kumla. The sisters have an investigator who plays for the team there so we went to support him. It was super fun... and super cold. Literally, Elder Swenson got a cold 2 days after and we think it was from sitting in the cold for 2 hours. Do I talk about it being cold too much? Sorry. It is cold too much. Anyway, it seems like everyone here is super talented with their futboll skills! One of the members here actually plays for the big team here in Örebro. On Saturdays we play soccer (don't tell the Swedes that I say soccer plz) with the ward and we get smoked. 

-I saw a ferrari. I don't know much about cars but I do know ferraris are cool and I saw some other people taking pictures by it so I took one of my own. Maybe it is a nice one? who knows. It is a ferrari though :) 

-We have started shopping at a little Arabic shop called Ali Baba. It is amazing. I recommend it to all of you. We have been eating a ton of weird stuff from the middle eastern world. And by weird stuff I mostly mean different types of rice and breads. They sell some actual weird stuff.. like you can buy a lamb head for 5 dollars which is tempting. but what would I even do with a lamb head? 

-We visited a little area outside of Örebro with a member. I don't know what it was called... but it is a pit stop for geese that are flying North. Some of them go to Northern Sweden or Norway... and some of the silly birds go to Finland and Russia. (Just kidding Finland you are cool too :)) I don't know why they choose this exact spot but there was 3.600 birds there. I don't know how they counted but there was whiteboard that had a bird count so I guess I have to trust it. I didn't bother to double check. The birds were moving too much. You know birds. 

-Äldste Swenson ordered about 2000 Book of Mormons and we had to go pick them up at the DHL warehouse because they weren't home when he tried to deliver them. Let's just say that it was heavy enough to be a week's worth of working out. 

-We got to slackline for the first time of the year! It felt good to be back on the line. Slacklining is like the gospel! You gotta stay on the straight and narrow even if it is hard. Dope, huh?

-I went on splits in Västerås with Elder Fawcett. Äldste Fawcett is the mission magician. He is getting super good at card tricks and he gets invited over for way more member dinners because of it. Smart lod. Of course, we went to a member dinner and had some great korv. (korv is swedish sausage) Then Fawcboss did some sick tricks for the kids and became a hero. 

Area Report!
I have been in Örebro for about 4 months now and I have seen some cool things happen here. We have been able to work with some amazing people and meet some of my favorite people of my mission. We have seen great progress with some newly baptized members and we were able to do a temple trip with them in mid-March. I am so happy that I got chosen to be in Örebro. It is a great ward with great members. This has definitely been a high time of my mission. Currently, we have one investigator who is from Eritrea! He has been really busy with school though so things are going a bit slowly. Most of the work we do happens on the street. A lesson here and there is the best missionary work in all honesty. That is how Jesus himself taught! He just rolled around teaching when he could. Elder Swenson and I are having a great time.... but I fear it is coming to an end. Transfer calls are coming this week and I will likely be moving to my last area. Although it is exciting... I wouldn't mind staying here. Its a good place. 

Conference (of course)
We love conference weekend as missionaries! We mostly just hang out at the church all weekend and see it all. Nothing can beat conference on the couch with a stocked fridge and family, but conference on a mission is pretty fun too. On Saturday we had a church spring cleaning so we worked in the morning (we swept the parking lot!) and then went and played some futboll. Around dinner time we came back and watched the first part of conference. We also got to watch the Priesthood Session and the rest of conference on Sunday. It is pretty hard for me to pay attention for 10 hours but I still managed to pull some good stuff out of this one. I especially loved Dieter's talks, and the talk about helping refugees. It seemed like this conference had a lot of very applicable things. Just real life stuff, like family and current world situations. It is always interesting to be taught about doctrine but I loved learning about some very concrete examples of how they church helps individuals in daily life. 

It seemed like conference focused a lot on families. I think we as humans, religious or not, can all agree that stronger families make a stronger world. People need to grow up in a loving environment with good mentors and the world needs more strong families. That I know. 

I hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for reading.

Don't run with scissors, 

Elder Treat