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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Big Break

Hey everyone! 

You probably thought I was dead didn't you? Well... I guess I'm not! So things have been very busy and I have really neglected to write a blog post! It has been nice to take a little break but I will give a little update here. I guess I have just been building up a lot of suspense for this post during my two month hiatus. Well here it is, folks! 

The Big Break
So during the time since we have last talked there hasn't actually been very much change! I am still here in Örebro (which means pennybridge in English) and I am really enjoying it. I have a new companion though! Elder Baquedano left and went to Vendelsö. My new companion is American though! His name is Elder Swenson and he is from Sandy, Utah. He is a great guy and he is a snob about flag poles. His dad owns a flag pole company that he worked for so he goes around town judging the local poles. Apparently they aren't up to par. It is funny because most companions are a snob about something they worked with back home. I have seen snobs on everything from tires to internal household wiring. You pick up some interesting facts though! 

I think the easiest way to give you updates on all of the local happenings will be a short list: 

-In January we helped with the ward play! I was selected to work the spot light, and scene lighting along with some other ward members. Every year Örebro does a play that gathers Mormon people from all over Sweden! It was really well done and was a cool bonding experience for the ward. 

-A little winter market came to Örebro and  set up shop for a week. And by little I mean it actually filled the entire city and was actually a massive event. Most of the stands sold handmade mittens or some kind of sweets... But on of the stands was selling surströmming burgers. You might not remember but surströmming is the rotten fish that Swedes eat... For some reason. You could smell a special door coming from that stand! 

-We took a tour of the local castle. It seems like every place in Sweden has a local castle that is like a century old... No biggie! Örebro Castle is actually right in the middle of town though! We went and did a tour for some good language study and it was really cool. Even though it looks old from the outside they have kept the inside really modern which I really didn't expect. 

-We bought Ben and Jerrys ice cream! I got Strawberry Cheesecake and Swenson got Peanut Butter Cup. 

-We took a break from a blizzard and checked out an old church in Nora. They are always cool to check. They make me a little jealous though because I think church inside of a 500 year old cathedral seems kinda fun.... 

-Elder Swenson introduced me to a Scottish drink called IrnBru! We bought it at a little England shop they have here. It tastes like bubblegum and it wakes you up. (btw Elder Swenson's mom is Scottish! Wow!)

-Sister Woolsey got a greenie and we played a prank on her by meeting her at the station and pretended that we were random university students. We helped her with her bags! She was surprised when she saw us at district meeting the next day! :) 

-Elder Swenson and I have been observing a lot of civil unrest lately. During the past month we have seen 3 drunk people arrested and thrown in the paddy wagon. We saw a riot of soccer hooligans marching around the town. We also saw some drunks get in a fight on the bus. We  even had a drunk guy yell at us in the library in the middle of a solid lesson. It is almost becoming common place to have wild stuff happen! I almost forgot... Yesterday there was a big anti-NATO gathering of bikers in the town square. But not real bikers. Just people with little dinky bikes with little 50cc motors.  What can I say... God's kids are rowdy. 

-Spring actually came and then we got thrown back into Winter super hard with a freak snowstorm last night. 

-And last but not least we saw a Lego man in the mall. 

As you can see, we have been having a great time here in Örebro. Not only have we been having a ton of fun, but we have also been enjoying the work here! We spend most of our time knocking doors and visiting members who need help. We have found some really cool people on the streets to talk with. Most of them don't become investigators but we have a good discussion and we learn something. It is cool to be able to meet people from different religions and realize that in the end we aren't all that different.  We have a lot in common that is just referred to by different terms and concepts within each religion. 

This week we had a wonderful lesson with a young Swede and even though she didn't agree with a lot of the details of the Mormon ideology we had a fantastic discussion about transcendence and divine potential and direction. Throughout my mission I have found that almost everyone has something to teach me about my own religious views or my own paradigm on life. 

Sometimes I feel like we hear a little too much about how the world is going downhill... But we are meeting some people that really show me that people have a lot of good messages to share and a lot of love. There are some people who really follow Christ that have never stepped foot in a church. I love it when a random stranger teaches me how to be a better person. It is beautiful, really. I think we are all a lot closer than we sometimes feel. We are all just humans after all.

I hope you guys all have a great week! Enjoy March! I hope Spring finds its way to wherever your location may be. 

P.S. For those of you that are interested you will be seeing me at Utah State for Fall 2016. I finally got all that stuff figured out! Come slack line with me.