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C'est La Vie!

No but heyyyyy! How are you?

Breaking News: This week, Äldste Treat (19) received a phone called from Äldste Albertsen that notified him that he will be moving to Örebro, and acquiring a new companion named Äldste Baquedano. When asked what his feelings were about it he released an official statement. To read see Page 8.

So something awesome happened. A family here in Borås put on a thanksgiving for us! It was almost American! We had chicken, and mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie! It was just a bit Swedishized, because we had lingon jam with our potatoes and the turkey bird didn't make an appearance. But, I gotta say it was just about as good as it gets. When we went around and said what we were thankful for, I said that I am thankful for families like the Ahlströms who do the  amazing  things for missionaries to give us a piece of home and boost us up. The members really make Sweden a special place. Also, when you are in Sweden you get to skip the whole Black Friday thing which is way nice. 

We have been working on our Christmas spirit! We have lights up in our apartment, we are drinking lots of Julmust* and we are showing everyone the Church's new Christmas video! (  Not to mention all the glögg** and the pepparkakor***! 

*A Swedish soda that only comes out around Christmas time. It has a counterpart named Påskmust that only comes out around Easter. 

**a non-alcoholic wine-cider that you put raisins and almonds in the bottom of the glass when you drink it and it is always burning hot and then you eat the soggy almondy raisins. Kinda cool? 

***ginger breads that are usually shaped like hearts and are consumed almost constantly until January 1st. 

Page 8
Äldste Treat stated, ''Well dang man, this is a bag of mixed emotions, ya know? Borås has been dooooope. Like, I love this place. It is just special. The ward is amazing, the city is beautiful, and the missionaries here are top notch. 3 months here just isn't enough. The people here are just the best. The biggest hearts and the best food are in Borås. Johanson is a rad dude too.  I don't really wanna see this place in the rear view mirror... but Örebro will be cool. I mean, there is an eight hundred year old castle in the middle of the town. Also, my companion is from France so that is sick. I guess whatever I was supposed to do here got done... and now I'm moving on. I'm excited though.'' It has been reported by eye witnesses that Äldste Treat encouraged ward members during his departing testimony to ''call the mission president and complain'' in regards to his departure. As he left the Borås chapel, a single tear dropped from his left eye, leaving an insignificant mark on the rain splotched sidewalk. For further information you may contact him directly at

Swedish Gandalf Mind-Wizard®
There is a man here in Borås who is a mission legend. He is basically a mix of Johnny Depp, Gandalf and Gordon. B Hinckley. Got it? He is a member here! Well here is the kicker: He reads faces. Like he looks at the physical characteristics of a person's face and he tells you the attributes that come with it. For example, he said I have a very ''honest'' nose. which means it is really hard for me to lie, which is really true. There was about 5 points during my hour long face reading session that I busted up laughing because he was so accurate about my personality. It is so real. He is a total mind-wizard! He said it just comes from careful observation... no one taught him about it. He is like 87 years old so he has had lots of practice. He told me a lot of cool things that I already knew about myself, but got a better understanding of as he explained them. It was so rad.

The best interaction ever
This week I told this little kid that he has good style (Du har jättebra stil mannen) And he said (O! Det vet jag faktist) which means Oh! Yeah I know that, actually. So I told him, ''du måste fortsätta med det här... flickorna kommer att tycker om dig!'' (You need to keep doing this because the girls are gonna love you!) So he says, ''De älskar mig redan, det är inget nytt'' (They already love me, this is nothing new!) I took a selfie pic with him to commemorate his epic lines. 
Lately I have been thinking a lot about enjoying life in the moment. Sometimes I feel like I am always living life for the next event. I am more excited for tomorrow than I am for right now. I am thoroughly convinced that learning to enjoy the present is the skill of life. Just having two feet on the ground, and loving the place you are standing. I guess when it comes down to it, there isn't much of a rush to move to the next thing. Because if you are always living for the next thing you will never be satisfied. 2 Nephi 2:25 says,

25 Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

Simple truth. Life is for our happiness. Smile! :) 

And now some wisdom from the God of snowboarding:

''When it comes down to it, adventure is what you make of it. And whether its the travel or the discovery, or just the feeling of letting go, the only way we'll ever find it is to get out there and do it. Enjoy the ride.'' -Travis Rice


Äldste Treat 

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