Monday, November 23, 2015



It's been another week!

This week I finally broke out my big jacket so I am going to be braving the cold from here on out. I swear Sweden is coldest right about this time and then once it starts snowing a ton it gets better because all of the moisture leaves the air. It is so funny watching the way Sweden changes when it gets cold. On Saturday we walked into the town square, called Södra Torget, and there was a ton of people out. They were all bundled up. The greatest and most Swedish thing was that even though the square was quite filled it was silent. I mean DEAD. I stopped Johanson and stood still. We had been talking, but we then realized that everyone in the whole city could probably hear us. We stood in silence for a good 3-5 minutes. People were just standing around waiting for buses, so there wasn't even footsteps. After 5 minutes I got the worst itch in my nose and ripped a massive sneeze that probably frightened everyone in the place. We had a good laugh though. 

Right now we have just been doing the usual! Knocking on doors, and contacting all the peoples! We don't have any progressing investigators. It seems like that is the eternal battle for Swedish missionaries! On Friday night we were walking around and all of the sudden there was this huge parade of people going through the town and they all had torches. All the little Swedish children were in their one piece snowsuits and all of the parents were helping them carry their torches. There was a marching band comprised of soldiers out in front of them all leading the way. It was so random. So being the curious Americans we are we sort of wandered along not really sure where we were going. Eventually, the parade lead to the town square where they did the Christmas Tree lighting, and everyone got some glögg which is sort of a cider. I think it is mulled wine in English. 

Funny Observation: I think Sweden feels a lot like Whoville (see The Grinch) in the winter time. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor himself modeled it after Swedish cities and culture. 

Currently we are teaching a lot of practice lessons with our ward members. We have been focusing on The Restoration and the First Vision. It has been a really good experience because the members here really know their stuff! They help us out too... especially with Swedish! Just when I think I know this language I realize I have been doing something wrong for 17 months. OH D@NG! We also had a little Meet the Mormons movie night on Sunday at a member's house. We had to peace out early to catch a bus so we could be home by curfew... but it was fun! 

So starting on the 29th the church comes out with a new Christmas Initiative which is going to be focusing on the savior. It is called A Savior Is Born and it will be on I think! So hopefully this will give us a new opportunity to discuss beliefs with people on the street. We are also going to be having some cool Christmas cards to hand out to everyone. 

Well, I wish you all a wonderful week and a happy Thanksgiving! If you haven't seen the movie, Fantastic Mister Fox I highly recommend it as a post-feast film. 


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  1. Amazing week! I have no idea why swedes are so quiet? We just are. Haha! So funny that you sneezed in the silence. I think its great that you have something to learn still after such a long time. Swedish language is weird, and I am Swedish. Keep up the Great work and you will get progressing investigators.

  2. How beautiful and what beautiful you have had it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience with us.

    Jamaica Resa