Monday, November 9, 2015

Sheepy P-Day


How's movember everyone? I hope all of your mustaches and beards are coming in nicely. Unless you are a lady. In that case, I wish you the opposite. 

You all are in desperate need of updates considering the fact that I have a new companion. So without further to do.....

Introducing Äldste Johanson
So first off, apologies to  anyone who was mentally, emotionally, or physically injured by the mistake in the previous post. Äldste Johanson is not from Utah. I repeat, not from UTAH! He is from Colorado. My bad. Moving on though. Johanson is a frequent consumer of Cheerios. He has a singing voice that sounds as good as pancakes taste, and he is a former thespian. He and I share a common love for teas and ciders, and yesterday night we baked a cake. It was delicious, thanks for asking. Why am I talking about food so much? Back to Johanson. Somehow this kid can speak Swedish like a wizard. He is proof the Gift of Tongues works. He has been out on his mission for like 7 months. 

Goodbye Stoeltz
Stoeltz rolled out a while ago but I haven't made the official announcement yet. Jacob Stoeltzing has left the building. He is probably somewhere in California right now. Hit him up, I bet he is single. He has been home for 12 days though so it is possible that has changed. Ya never know... RMs these days. 

A Sheepy P-Day
On Monday (October 26th) we got to go visit a castle in the Northern Göteborg area called Bohus Fortress. At one point it was the capital of Norway. It was a super awesome castle but it is only open in the summer so we could only stay on the outside of it. Outside of it there was a little fence and a lot of sheep though! At one point the sisters were chasing sheep and they caused a huge stampede of sheep running right towards me. Naturally, I took a selfie with the stampede and the weirdest thing happened. When I held up the camera all the sheep stopped, and looked into it. I took the picture and then I turned around and they were all looking up at me. One sheep, which I assume was the leader or alpha-male, stepped forward as if to challenge me. I held my ground though, and I petted his head. While maintaining eye contact with his square pupils I knelt down (now on his level) and grabbed some grass. I held it out to him, and he nibbled on it. I considered it payment for the selfie. He seemed pleased with my peace offering and he led the herd on their merry way. It was a spiritual experience I guess. 

The State of Borås Address
Borås is good. Well of course, Borås is good. The ward here is awesome. We have even started to play innebandy on Saturdays with some of the young single adults and some of the old married adults too. 

Sister Hong, if you remember her from Jakobsberg, got transferred here too! So that is a super nifty bonus. 

We have been doing a lot of activities with the ward! This ward actually has a young mens quorum! So on Wednesday we helped rake leaves and then we baked pizza with them afterwards. It is so crazy how 8 year old Swedish kids are so amazing at English. They show me up in both languages!

Right now our investigators are few, but our doors knocked are many. Knocking doors is sort of lame but at the same time is sort of entertaining because you get to meet a lot of people. 

Life is pretty much great. 

I dont have much else to report! I have been eating a lot of pear flavored ice cream and I think that is the best flavor. I feel sad for AMERICA without the pear ice cream :( You have Halloween though so it evens out. 

The BOM(b)
Lately I have been working on studying The Book of Mormon. Someone asked ''What is true about the BOM?'' We say ''I know this book is true'' so often. But really, it is important to sit down and ask ourselves: What is true about the Book Of Mormon? Obviously, every person has a different reason. What is your reason for knowing it is true?

 The conclusion I came to is that the Book of Mormon has true moral principles that can lead people to success and joy. It helps us to understand the nature of Christ's philosophy better, and it can show us certain traits that we can develop to become better human beings. I have learned a lot of moral principles from the BOM. I don't understand it perfectly, but I do think its contents can apply to a lot of different situations. We all need to decide what actually makes the Book of Mormon true and be ready to share it. We need to know how to back that up and how to answer that question if people ever ask.

A Salutation
Thanks for reading. 

Catch ya next time, 

Äldste Cam Treat 

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  1. So great to read about your adventures with one of the best missionaries ever. Äldste Johanson is the nicest guy ever! Loved the story about the Sheep...You have some skills with animals. And that is a really good question, i've never thought about it that way, so thank you. I'll think about it for sure