Monday, October 26, 2015

Me again

Ohhhh Hej! 

Me again. 

It's that time of year when people start making fun of my last name super hard! Even in Sweden. I love this time of year though, and I just gotta say... Fall looks dang good on Sweden. Traveling through the country side is a spiritual experience just seeing all the colors and trees and all that good stuff! 

So the last two weeks have been sort of crazy. We have been trying to pack in everything possible since Stoeltz only has a sliver of time left before he rolls out! The benefits of being with a "dying" missionary are actually pretty nice because you get to experience all of the culture events, shopping, and member dinners without having to pack a single bag. I just kinda roll with it. I'm just along for the ride. 

In order to catch you all up on the happenings in Borås I have compiled an easy to read list: 
-Stake Conference in Göteborg 
-"Elders Conference" which was a district meeting where we knew the sisters couldn't come so we through in some manly speeches inspired by 
-Splits with everyone in our district! We travel around to Jönköping and Skövde 
-A whole lots of Stoeltz's "lasts" (Last Kebab, Last P-Day, Last Sunday) 
-We had a "funeral" for Stoeltz. It had a full program including Musical Numbers, Talks, Eulogies, and poems. 
-We are surströmming (remember the rotten fish?!) as a district. I decided not to fall for that again, so I just watched and laughed from a distance. 
-An 8 y.o. Member in our ward got baptized! 
-Our ward mission leader got married (ewwww cooties!) 
-Lots more 

Funny thing: On Sunday Stoeltz gave his departing testimony, but the bishops son also just came home from his mission so it was his Homecoming. On top of it all we have another Sister leaving on a mission to Canada... So it was her farewell. DANG. It was a missionary Sunday and we got to see every side of the spectrum. 

Life is happening so quickly I forgot to mention that I am staying in Borås and I am getting a new companion named Äldste Johanson. He has a Swedish name, but he is from Utah. That is basically all that I know about him right now. He comes in on Wednesday though! Nifty. 

We have been visiting a lot of members in the later part of this month for good byes and I have noticed that Borås really does have some amazing people. People are amazingly kind to us and they feed us some really great food. I am just grateful for the people here. Members really can make a difference in the lives of missionaries through small acts of kindness. 

I will close with a funny story: 
This week while traveling back from splits (Jönköping to Borås) our bus driver gets on the intercom and mumbles something in a language that sounded more like Danish. Well I heard something about Borås but I just figured he was announcing we were coming in soon. NOPE. He just blew through Borås and we were on our way to Göteborg (about 1 hour further) without any say in the situation. It was just one of those "oh well" sort of moments. What is a usual occurrence for missionaries would sometimes be a big deal for the average person.  I just think the whole concept of missionary travel is chaotic, but it's all fun. 


-Äldste Camden Treat 

P.S. the really weird pictures come from the bus station in Jönköping. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder... 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hashtag General Conference

Hej hej alla! 

What's good? 

So first and foremost I hope you all have had a fun conference weekend. Did anyone else notice that they had a hashtag for the new apostles? It was creatively named #NewApostles. I sure wish I could check Twitter to see how much that one blew up! 

Conference as a missionary is a little different than conference at home. We watch it at the church here in Borås and we show it in both Swedish and English. Most people watch it in English though because Swedes are so stinkin' talented.  Most people just watch it at home though so it kind of feels like watching an almost phased out movie at the movie theater. 

We have some cool traditions as missionaries though! We buy a lot of candy (godis) which is sold by the kilogram and pig out for two days... but it turns out that most of us here in Borås are sort of health nuts so we ate a lot of carrots. I personally celebrated by eating two PB&J sandwiches and drinking a hefty amount of whole milk. It was dandy. 

I personally enjoyed Dieter's talk that was in the Saturday Morning session. It was all about how sometimes we just need to take a step back and simplify the gospel. Sometimes we just need to go back to the simple truths. Especially the simple truth of Christ.  I felt like it was a different style for a conference talk, but I really liked it. It was realistic and straightforward and I hope it touched a lot of people. 

Other than conference these are some of the things that have happened over the last two weeks: 

-We did a service project for a family and we basically jsut chopped wood with chainsaws out in Middleofnowwhere, Sweden and then we took it all back to their house because they have a wood-burning heating system. 

-This week I found a FROG on the way home. EXCITING.

-Äldste Stoeltzing got a tick from the lumberjack experience so I had to become a temporary surgeon and help him. He was really freaked out but everything worked out just fine. 

-We also had a zone conference in Göteborg and that is a really cool city. I saw Sister Giles from Gävle and she was really excited to see me and she gifted me a moose tooth. She is super funny.  She really gave me a real tooth from a real moose skull she found in a forest. 

-This week I went on splits with a dude named Äldste Dickson! We were in Jönköping and we had a  really fun time. He had a ton of funny things set up for the weekend so we spent almost all of our time playing sports with the ward. Volleyball on Friday night and Innebandy on Saturday night. It was perfect <3

-I visited a museum where matches were invented! Tandsticksmuseet! It was about as exciting as a match museum sounds...

I love you allllll. Enjoy life. Breathe deep. 

-äldste godis