Monday, September 7, 2015


Hi You! 

It's me again! 

So Sweden is good! Everyone always asks me "How's Sweden?" as if Sweden is changing every week! But as far as my experience goes Sweden is still doing absolutely wonderful. By the way, it turns out that this week marked one full year living in Sweden! 

In some ways I feel like I am losing my americanness which is something I am not happy to report. I just can't seem to remember what life was like in the good old US of A. I find myself asking questions like:

"Do we have this [insert food item here] back in the states?" 

"Was that even correct English 

"When was the last time I shot a gun?" 

"What does Little Ceasars pizza even taste like?" 

One year in Sweden changes a man... in good ways though! I love this country and I have learned a lot of quirky things from the Swedish People. 

Well, moving on... 
The whole thing about the English grammar is getting pretty true. I wouldn't say I am very immersed in Swedish but the language is close enough to English that is seems like everything gets blurred! I do a lot of translating in church and I think I speak Swenglish now. This week in church I translated for a Mongolian lady who wanted to bare here testimony! She spoke in Mongolian, but gave me a print out in English of what she was saying. Then I translated it to Swedish at the podium while my companion translated it back to English. Do you follow? Yeah... Jakobsberg ward is a language messsss! Something funny though: some American visitors thought I could understand Mongolian so I impressed them! 

During this whole sacrament thing there was a torrential downpour of Noah's Ark proportions. So Jakobsberg temporarily turned into a lake. It was so great. We saw a dude who was just wading through a waste deep parking lot because his car was stuck. Ours laughs turned to tears quickly though because we had to catch a train that never came because of the flooding. To stack, it was fast Sunday! And we had that ravenous food frenzy feeling going on accompanied by that crazy look in the eyes. So we started to get desperate and I almost ate a tube of chapstick and drank some Germ-X... But then we got rescued by a replacement bus. Needless to say when we got home and temporarily turned into a raccoon and ate everything from everywhere. 

So that was the big story of the week. In  other news, transfers are coming up so I may be rolling out. Who knows! We will see on Saturday! 

Last but not least! Shout out to Papa Treat for surviving in the real world for 45 years. That's not an easy task! Yes that is right, my dad is filling the year! On this day 45 years ago tiny Scott Treat was brought into the world!  And what a day that was.  Ja må han leva uti hundrade år! If you see my dad give him a birthday fist bump for me. I love that dude!

Well I love you all! Thanks for being cool cats and dogs. As my mom always says   "Be good, be nice, clean your room." 

That's real life, folks. 

Ääääää Treat

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