Monday, September 14, 2015


Me again :) 

So here is a quick update on life across the pond! 

This week I got a call and I found out that I am moving! 

So here we go... Drum roll plz. 

I am moving toooooooo...... 

BORÅS! (Boor-ohss)

So that is pretty cool because I have always wanted to go over to that side of the mission. So I will now be in the Göteborg zone! Finally outside of the Stockholm side of the mission. I have heard that things are actually pretty different as you move across to the west coast of the mission. It is actually very similar to the United States in the way that the East Is very busy and formal and the West has a much more laid back vibe. So I am excited to see how that goes. 

The real positive is that I am not going to be up in the frigid north for the winter! At least that's how it looks right now. (Hopeful President doesnt read this and get any ideas...) When people have asked me where I want to go though I have always told them that I want to go over to Borås or Alingsås so I am stoked. I will be with Elder Stoeltzing for his last transfer so I will be "killing" him. That should be fun. He is a chill dude. He has a blog too so you can find that. 

So this week we tried to do some chalk art but it was an epic failure because about 20 minutes after we started a big pro-immigration rally started in the middle of the city and people covered the place where we were trying to draw. So we hung around and watched the rally go down because I am actually pretty interested in the future of Sweden. I don't know if you have read about it but Syria and other middle-eastern countries are basically evacuating into Europe and Sweden is having a massive movement to take in all the immigrants they possibly can. So they kinda took over Sergels Torg and we lost our canvas for the chalk art. So that didn't really work but it was cool to talk to a few people before we got squished out. 

This week I have been doing a lot of good bye visits and trying to enjoy my "last days in Stockholm" but I guess the last time I thought it was my last time in Stockholm I was only halfway done with this place. So today I am just trying to take it all in. I love this city and I will surely miss it. It has been a good week for sure. I will miss Jakobsberg  and DeMordaunt too. It has definitely been a good part of my mission. Oh well, time to move on, ya know? 

This week I gave my last district meeting in Jakobsberg! When I move to Borås I will be returning to just be a regular, plain boring missionary without any fancy titles. But it was a cool chance to be able to be a DL for 4 months. So after district meeting we ordered a bunch of kebab (we like that stuff!) and had a little party. It was nifty. 

So on this update you will see a wide array of pictures that span a significant amount of time..

-We went and visited Vaxholm, a Swedish fortress in the northern Archipelago!

-I went on splits with my MTC companion Äldste Hemmingsen! We went and got some Kebab together. I am not gonna be happy when I return to pizza without french fries. It is a must

-Here is a picture of us visiting the Robinson's! A senior couple we have family home evening with.

Love you all! Thanks 4 reading! :) 

-Ä Treat 

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