Monday, September 21, 2015

Introducing Boras!

Greetings to you and you,

It's that time of the week again! BLOG POST time.

So as you have recently heard, I am a new resident of the city of Borås. And it just so happens that BORÅS IS AMAZING. Honestly, there is just something special about this side of the country. And that special thing is called mountains. Because for those of you at home that think that Sweden is a mountainy, foresty place.... you are right.... except for the mountains. Sweden is FLAT. Buuuut, over here there are some very large rocky hills that are about as mountainy as it gets for me. 

Jokes aside, this side of the country is beautiful. As I was embarking through the wilderness in the comfort of an SJ QuickTrain I truly realized how amazing Sweden is, especially in the fall. Travelling through the countryside was almost shocking after being a dweller of the concrete jungle. Heck, I even saw a DEER. This was the first wild creature to be spotted on my mission if you exclude the Stockholm pigeons. 

out with the old and in with the new. Even though I was sort of sad to see the old go. I got pretty comfortable living in Stockholm. I guess after livning in the middle of the city for 9 months you would expect that though.  I became an adept traveler of those cobblestone streets *tear* Oh well. I thought I was never going back to Stockholm the first time I left... you never know. 

I'm sure everyone over there is missing me something awful (jokes) but I have been greeted by a wonderful bunch here... 

Introducing Äldste Stoeltzing!
So first off I need to say that ''killing'' (being last companions with someone) is somewhat of an honor. Especially for someone as legendary as Stoeltzing. Way back in the day in my third week in Sweden I was sitting on a bench observing a game of missionary innebandy and Elder Stoeltzing came and sat down next to me. I was a pretty avid follower of his blog back in my pre-mission days so I struck up a conversation with him. He explained to me that he wouldn't be going home until October 2015 (which at that point seemed unfathomably distant) Little did I know, our paths would cross one year in the future, in the city of Borås. So Stoeltz is 5 foot 6, he shreds on the guitar, and we share a mutual love of the written word. Also he is from California and Swedes always think that is cool because he doesnt have to explain where his state is to people. We also have Syster Lund (from Cali) and Syster Nielsen (from Oregon) so we have a cool Northwest vibe going with that. 

Introducing Borås!
Borås is this cute little city in western Sweden that sits in a really nifty coniferous valley. I can't pinpoint it but this city just has some very good vibes. It isn't too big, it isn't too small, and people appear really happy. Even though I will love Stockholm forever and ever, people in Stockholm are just so busy and fed up with people who want to take their time. In contrast, Borås has a very open and laid back feel. A nice change of pace for sure. This makes missionary work so much better because when we stop and talk to people... they talk back! WHAT? I'm telling you, GOOD VIBES exist here. 

So about five years ago Borås was known for being very boring. I mean... their city emblem is two pairs of scissors where other cities have viking boats and dragons... so they kind of did it to themselves. Buuuut they decided to start a lot of cultural art projects and established a large art week every September where they throw up some really sick wall murals. So this city is teeming with amazing culture. Not to mention the European architecture and the city layout. If you can't tell from all of this... this is my kind of city. 

Borås ward is also a change of pace because it is about 100 people and their are actually kids! This is borderline American standards. GOOD VIBES. Also their is this cool old guy named Våge and he is like the backbone of Borås (he basically has been here since the beginning) and he decided to call me Elder Godis (Go-dees) which means Elder Candy. I think it is catching on because most of the people in the ward are doing it already. 

This week has already been fantastic. On the train ride over here I was able to talked to an American woman from Seatlle on the train and really connect with her about the gospel. I dont know why but I have been meeting a lot of Americans lately! I like to think that I am a master with Swedish, but it really felt good just talking with someone in English who understand English. It felt really good to connect with them on a deeper level. Shout out to Stateside missions! You kids are lucky. 

It has been a very spiritual week because Äldste Stoeltzing taught a really good district meeting in Jönköping about making visions and setting goals. We had some time to reflect on what changes we want to make and how we want the next transfer (and the rest of our missions for that matter) to turn out. Äldste Stoeltzing and I sat down and made a really go hard vision since he is about to cross the finish line! A sprint to the end of sorts. 

On top of all this we have been able to teach some cool investigators that were found last transfer by Stoeltz and Blackburn. Stoeltzing actually trained Blackburn, and there is always something special about greenies. They make areas explode with awesome investigators. So Stoeltz and I get to continue the magic and hopefully bring some new people into this awesome ward. We even had a few teenagers show up to church! This doesnt happen very often. This place is just blowing me away. All I can say is GOOD VIBES. 

-I met a lady from Camden, New Jersey on the train ride over here! She was nice. 
-We went on splits to a small city called Skövde
-I met a man named Torsköld which means Thor Shield. 
-There are lots of Americans in this ward 
-Stoeltz and I met a psychotic dude who is convinced that he is part of the CIA 
-Our church building has a robot lawnmower that just going around on the lawn 24/7 (THE FUTURE!) 

Well I am really excited for the next 6 weeks. It should be amazing. Love you alllll.


Äldste Treat 

Monday, September 14, 2015


Me again :) 

So here is a quick update on life across the pond! 

This week I got a call and I found out that I am moving! 

So here we go... Drum roll plz. 

I am moving toooooooo...... 

BORÅS! (Boor-ohss)

So that is pretty cool because I have always wanted to go over to that side of the mission. So I will now be in the Göteborg zone! Finally outside of the Stockholm side of the mission. I have heard that things are actually pretty different as you move across to the west coast of the mission. It is actually very similar to the United States in the way that the East Is very busy and formal and the West has a much more laid back vibe. So I am excited to see how that goes. 

The real positive is that I am not going to be up in the frigid north for the winter! At least that's how it looks right now. (Hopeful President doesnt read this and get any ideas...) When people have asked me where I want to go though I have always told them that I want to go over to Borås or Alingsås so I am stoked. I will be with Elder Stoeltzing for his last transfer so I will be "killing" him. That should be fun. He is a chill dude. He has a blog too so you can find that. 

So this week we tried to do some chalk art but it was an epic failure because about 20 minutes after we started a big pro-immigration rally started in the middle of the city and people covered the place where we were trying to draw. So we hung around and watched the rally go down because I am actually pretty interested in the future of Sweden. I don't know if you have read about it but Syria and other middle-eastern countries are basically evacuating into Europe and Sweden is having a massive movement to take in all the immigrants they possibly can. So they kinda took over Sergels Torg and we lost our canvas for the chalk art. So that didn't really work but it was cool to talk to a few people before we got squished out. 

This week I have been doing a lot of good bye visits and trying to enjoy my "last days in Stockholm" but I guess the last time I thought it was my last time in Stockholm I was only halfway done with this place. So today I am just trying to take it all in. I love this city and I will surely miss it. It has been a good week for sure. I will miss Jakobsberg  and DeMordaunt too. It has definitely been a good part of my mission. Oh well, time to move on, ya know? 

This week I gave my last district meeting in Jakobsberg! When I move to Borås I will be returning to just be a regular, plain boring missionary without any fancy titles. But it was a cool chance to be able to be a DL for 4 months. So after district meeting we ordered a bunch of kebab (we like that stuff!) and had a little party. It was nifty. 

So on this update you will see a wide array of pictures that span a significant amount of time..

-We went and visited Vaxholm, a Swedish fortress in the northern Archipelago!

-I went on splits with my MTC companion Äldste Hemmingsen! We went and got some Kebab together. I am not gonna be happy when I return to pizza without french fries. It is a must

-Here is a picture of us visiting the Robinson's! A senior couple we have family home evening with.

Love you all! Thanks 4 reading! :) 

-Ä Treat 

Monday, September 7, 2015


Hi You! 

It's me again! 

So Sweden is good! Everyone always asks me "How's Sweden?" as if Sweden is changing every week! But as far as my experience goes Sweden is still doing absolutely wonderful. By the way, it turns out that this week marked one full year living in Sweden! 

In some ways I feel like I am losing my americanness which is something I am not happy to report. I just can't seem to remember what life was like in the good old US of A. I find myself asking questions like:

"Do we have this [insert food item here] back in the states?" 

"Was that even correct English 

"When was the last time I shot a gun?" 

"What does Little Ceasars pizza even taste like?" 

One year in Sweden changes a man... in good ways though! I love this country and I have learned a lot of quirky things from the Swedish People. 

Well, moving on... 
The whole thing about the English grammar is getting pretty true. I wouldn't say I am very immersed in Swedish but the language is close enough to English that is seems like everything gets blurred! I do a lot of translating in church and I think I speak Swenglish now. This week in church I translated for a Mongolian lady who wanted to bare here testimony! She spoke in Mongolian, but gave me a print out in English of what she was saying. Then I translated it to Swedish at the podium while my companion translated it back to English. Do you follow? Yeah... Jakobsberg ward is a language messsss! Something funny though: some American visitors thought I could understand Mongolian so I impressed them! 

During this whole sacrament thing there was a torrential downpour of Noah's Ark proportions. So Jakobsberg temporarily turned into a lake. It was so great. We saw a dude who was just wading through a waste deep parking lot because his car was stuck. Ours laughs turned to tears quickly though because we had to catch a train that never came because of the flooding. To stack, it was fast Sunday! And we had that ravenous food frenzy feeling going on accompanied by that crazy look in the eyes. So we started to get desperate and I almost ate a tube of chapstick and drank some Germ-X... But then we got rescued by a replacement bus. Needless to say when we got home and temporarily turned into a raccoon and ate everything from everywhere. 

So that was the big story of the week. In  other news, transfers are coming up so I may be rolling out. Who knows! We will see on Saturday! 

Last but not least! Shout out to Papa Treat for surviving in the real world for 45 years. That's not an easy task! Yes that is right, my dad is filling the year! On this day 45 years ago tiny Scott Treat was brought into the world!  And what a day that was.  Ja må han leva uti hundrade år! If you see my dad give him a birthday fist bump for me. I love that dude!

Well I love you all! Thanks for being cool cats and dogs. As my mom always says   "Be good, be nice, clean your room." 

That's real life, folks. 

Ääääää Treat