Monday, August 17, 2015


As usual I have neglected this thing, so apologies to all the disappointed fans. I must say, P-days have been crazy lately! Sooooo much to do. Email time has hit an all time low and the blog has suffered a bit. So here is my best attempt at an overdue revival effort!

Some things have stayed constant, like the fact that I am still a missionary, I am still living in Sweden, and I still have ridiculously good looking red hair. Other things have changed, like the fact that I have a new companion. 

Introducing Elder Demordaunt:
My new companion is 6 foot 3, he is from Boise, and he is an avid fan of omelettes. Seriously this kid has had an omelette almost every day during the 12 day period I have known him. He is a rad dude. We are having a blast. Even though he makes me feel short, I love the guy. He just barely came from the small middle-of-nowhere area called Växjö so I think he is happy to be in Stockholm. Consequently we have been taking lots of cool pictures in the city, and enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer. 

So with that said, I am still in Jakobsberg, and I am still a District Leader (yay.) Sister Austin left Sister Hong and I hanging in Jakobsberg because she went up to Luleå (see North Pole.) Elder Luke, my previous companion went to Lund (see Denmark.) 

More Chalk Art
We did some more of that cool chalk art stuff that moms on the internet seem to so thoroughly adore. (right?!) This time we decided to draw a nephite temple. Lots of people stopped and talked with us and it was a great segway to get them interested in the Book of Mormon. Lots of books were passed out, and lots of people were enlightened. Cool stuff. 

Nitty Gritty
Life is good in J-berg. 

Today we had a funeral for a member in this ward so we attended a 2 hour funeral that was all in spanish. I am sad to report that I didnt have a cool ''Gift of Tongues moment'' and I understood absolutely nothing that was said. 

Elder Demordaunt and I do lots of inviting. We invite people to church, we invite people to read, and we invite people to meet with us! We are just troopin' along. 

I have recently become aware that many of my younger friends are peacing out to go on missions. Now obviously, I can't give advice for what to pack if you are going to Cambodia, or what to expect from a mission in Central America, but since I have been a missionary for a little over a year I can give some very generic advice for all soon-to-be Elders and Sisters. 

Bring lots of Tide2go sticks. All other advice is just superficial. 

Superficial Advice
-Stay FAR away from Missionary Mall. Don't even touch that place with a ten foot pole. Everyone I have met has needed to replace anything that comes from CTR clothing, except for the socks. Apparently the socks are really good. My recommendation: JCPenney. 

-If you are going to Europe, save yourself money and just buy one suit. You are gonna want a European suit as soon as you get over here. 

-Find out if your mission has iPhones or iPads. If this is the case your might not want to spend much money on having a  nice camera. 

-Deodorant in Europe sucks so just pack lots of American stuff. 

-Don't worry about where you are going. I noticed when I was in highschool there was lots of judgement based on how ''cool'' the location of the mission was. I myself was quite concerned about it. Being out has helped me realize that missions are missions and everyone is going to have the experience they make it to be. 

-Just be you. Don't be another person people expect you to be. Make adjustments to your actions and become more christ-like but don't let the uniformity of the mission make you someone else. You were called on a mission to relate to real people, so you have to be the real you. 

-When things are hard, which they will most likely be, just think ''Do it for Jesus.'' Things get better, I promise :) 

-A dude tried to sell us weed when we talked to him on the street. We didn't even buy it from him. 

-We went and visited a swedish zoo called Skansen. All the animals are Nordic.  A member of our ward works there so we got some special treatment and we got to pet piglets and goats. 

-if anyone is interested in writing a Norwegian missionary (ladies!) this is a shout out for Elder Aabo, who can be reached at He is a trill young stunna with a heart of gold who would love to receive some electronic mail. He actually requested me to do this for him. Hit him up. 

well, that concludes this blog post. Thanks for everything. 

Lots of love, 

Äldste Cam 

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