Monday, July 6, 2015

Midsummer Birthday!

Hello friends!

Sorry, I'm a slacker... This blog sometimes gets neglected. I feel bad but sometimes I am just straight up lazy....but not today! It is time for a little TLC here. 

So let's go way back. You've already seen the pictures but here are some updates: 

1. We had an awesome P-Day at a park in Handen. We played frisbee (YAYayaY!) and some sand volleyball. We finished off the day by making pyramids out of people... because why not? 

2. Midsummer!: So I must explain this holiday. Swedes celebrate Midsommar on June 21st which is the ''official'' beginning of summer celebrated by dancing around the Maypole and singing songs about frogs. Makes sense, hm?  It is also the longest day of the year! At least the sun is out the longest. Remember how in ancient times people believed that the Earth revolved around the sun? Well it is partially true because life in Sweden revolved around the sun 100%. Sunny day? People are out, happy, drinking, friendly, and busy! Gloomy day: end of the world. no chance. not leaving my bed. 

So back to Midsummer. We went to a place way out in the boonies called Tyrestö By. It was a big field with a little village. It had a kind of scout camp feel to it. So Midsummer is meant to have everyone bring in summer and laugh and dance and sing... but the clouds had a different plan for that. IT RAINED ALL DAY LONG SO HARD. But still we did the traditions of dancing around the maypole and singing the goofy frog songs. It is actually pretty fun to see a bunch of grown adults having a blast jumping around like frogs. Sweden is awesome. Funny note: When they were lifting up the maypole after it had been decorated it CRACKED IN HALF! When it rains it pours I guess. So we had a short little maypole that did just fine. 

Afterwards we went to the chapel in Gubbängen and played a ton of sports and partied hard. Midsummer is one of two (the other is Christmas) days that we get off as missionaries! 

3. I saw Sister LaFontaine, who is now named Chantelle. She is a regular human again! But she served with me in Stockholm (remember her?!) She was on a visit with her family and I randomly ran into her. It didn't even make sense in my brain but somehow it happened. It was so cool to see her! 

4. We got sisters in Jakobsberg! We haven't had sister missionaries for like 5 years here so it is long past due! Syster Hong and Austin have moved here from Karlskrona and we are super happy to have them. Did I mention that Syster Austin is from Idaho Falls?! She is super funny, and most importantly SHE HAS RED HAIR! RED... HAIR! Syster Hong is from Arkansas, her family is from Mexico, she is allergic to mosquitoes, and she wears headbands! They are both super down to earth and are going to be perfect for Jakobsberg. How nifty. Seriously, these sisters are cool people. 

5. I am old enough to go on a mission! I turned 19 on the 29th of June at 11:11AM. It was cool. All the kids in Stockholm threw a surprise party for me at the mission office! They told me I needed to come so that they could make a copy of my apartment key, and when I knocked on the door like a billion missionaries busted out singing ''Ja må han leva!'' (Yes, may he live!) The Swedish Happy Birthday song which is 47 times better than the Engish one. I think they sang to me 4 or 5 times because different people kept showing up... and even though I am 19 I still have no freaking idea what I am supposed to do with my face or hands when people start serenading me. It's a crisis! 

6. 4th of July was something too! We celebrated with a family in our ward who comes from Latvia! They are awesome because even though they aren't Americans they threw us a party, cake, flag, games and all. Yeah... I guess we didn't have fireworks but it was definitely something special. 

Side note: Those of you who are currently sitting in a place with Air Conditioning. Be grateful you turd. Swedes don't know about it yet. 

Well It probably sounds like I am not even a missionary and I am just partying, but I promise you I am working on the streets every day! Reppin' the word! Things are going well. Yes, it is tricky finding investigators BUT I get to teach lots of random people on the street who now have a much more positive view of the church then they did before! WE DON'T BELIEVE IN POLYGAMY, OKAY? That was the old us, we've changed. 


Äldste Treat 

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