Monday, July 20, 2015

''The Nitty Gritty''

Hello friends, family, acquaintances, people I've never met, old highschool classmates, old companions, return missionaries, future swedish missionaries, moms of swedish missionaries, Stonehaven ward members (shout out to the hood!) Ammon 15th ward members, and all other lucky people who have stumbled upon this blog. (I think that covers all of you!)

Here I am, once again. Blog Post time! My favorite time of the week. 

So I will tell you about the real struggles of being a missionary: Email time. Like yeah, I can talk to random people on the street in a language I don't know, I can hold district meetings for 10 missionaries including the assistants, I can find my way around one of Europe's larger cities... but I can't for the life of me type fast enough to respond to all of you. 

As soon as I sign in to this computer the world's most annying clock counts down every second I have left. A constant reminder of the impending doom that awaits. I seriously never learned the proper way to type and now when I try to type the proper way I AM EVEN SLOWER! It really is the most stressful time of the week... and most of the time I'm not even typing! I am just staring at the clock thinking about all the people I need to write back. So then I usually just end up getting nothing done and becoming a sweaty stressed out mess. Nice. Think: ACT Writing portion. Now you know how this feels. 

But, on to the nitty gritty, hm? 

1. A while ago on July 10th we had a birthday party for the very wonderful, Syster Hong. As any good swedish party requires, we had KORV! Korv is sausage. You grill it, you eat it, you smile. Simple. We threw a little party though and sang a song called ''Happy Birthday'' 

2. it has been raining a lot this week and Äldste Luke and I stumbled upon a double rainbow on the coolest street in Södermalm, Götgatan. It really is the hip part of town. Lots of people with handlebar mustaches and sunglasses (hipsters!) , tiny cafes with enormous prices, and the coolest location ever. Google map it. Anyways, like I said... suddenly, a wild double rainbow appeared. It is defintely one of the coolest pictures I have taken on my mission!

3. We went up to Sigtuna (see Middle of Nowhere) and we found some cool viking stones. They are from 1100 and stuff so that is spiffy. Sigtuna is like a magical place that cant be described very well with the written word. When you think of the perfect little Swedish community with classic lake front houses and Ice cream shops you basically imagine Sigtuna. Life is very chill and happy there. I'm getting a house there when I'm older. 

4. Äldste Luke and I took an adventure break in a forest and found a GIANT ant hill. Since we are boys we hit it with a stick and then spent the next 5 minutes running around trying to avoiding the swarm of ants that poured out of it. Chaos. 

5 Sometimes we end up in the part of town where all the sign are written in arabic. Sometimes I wonder why I learned Swedish... 

6. Work continues as usual. Our mission has an intiative to focus more on the Book of Mormon so we are doing it! We are talking to everyone and having fun. 

I love you all! I'm gonna go get my P-Day on now. 

Peace, Blessings, and everything good.

-Äldste Treat 

PS I bought a slackline. I just couldn't stay away from those things.

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