Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blog Post: Mini Edition

In this week's episode of Camden In Sweden the Äldste Treat makes an extremely condensed version of the week by cutting away all the fluff and nick nacks. 

One Year Mark: This week I turned one year old in mission age! 365 days. 8,760 hours. I burnt a shirt in celebration of this special event! 

Service: We helped a member with his yard. (He needed LOTS of help because he was basically tearing his whole yard apart)

Chalk Art: A bunch of missionaries gathered together and we made this cool chalk art drawing in Downtown Stockholm. (Sergels Torg to be exact) 

Volleyball: For P-Day we had a giant volleyball tournament and my team won! We came back from the losers bracket and blew everyone away. In return for the win, I got a nasty sunburn so I am not a fan of my collared shirts right now. 

Rough Stuff: Missionary work is slow right now to be honest. We don't really have investigators who are progressing and all the members are on vacation! We are doing lots of finding work but we aren't finding very many people to teach. Lots of people actually just think we can help them move to America or get Swedish residency so they are interested at first and then the truth comes out and they bounce. So it goes! We are still happy and we do what we can every day. 

Fluff and Nicknacks: Okay fine here are a few fluffs and nick nacks for you. 

-Sweden has a thing called Semester. Semester means that everyone takes work off and goes on exotic vacations. Some stores close down. Sacrament isn't as filled as usual. 

-I have noticed a strange trend on public transportation where babies are crying and mothers give them iPads or cellphones to calm them down. When the mom needs their cellphone back (because they have something extremely urgent to do on Instagram,) the babies start screaming again. I think babies are developing screen dependency syndrome. The future is gonna be whack. 

-It is gay pride week in Stockholm

-I contacted this guy on the street who was wearing 2 cardigans, 1 sweater, a button up shirt, and a suit jacket. It is the middle of summer, this guy had to have been roasting! After I explained my purpose and what I am doing he said something totally unitelligible and kissed his hand and held it out, then kissed his other hand and held it out to my companion. After holding them there for a few seconds he lifted his hands and touched the top of our ties and then slid his hands down our ties to our belts. It was so creepy. I dont know if he blessed us our cursed us... so we just said Thanks and walked away. I didn't know if I was supposed to feel terrified or honored! The public is weird. 

Well on that note, it is time for me to peace out!


Äldste Treat

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