Monday, June 15, 2015

Castles and Ice Cream

Hej allihoppa!

Here I am again! It is weird. P-Days are some sort of checkpoint for a week. Weeks end, and simultaneously begin with every passing P-Day! I guess it is only on P-Days that I actually get to take a step back and realize that another week has gone by! Crazy. 

Let me see if I can actually retrospectively compile the blur that this week was into a coherent passage! 

Because honestly, looking back at my weeks it all just seems like moosh and it is hard to pull out events. Pictures help. Here we go: 

I visited a Castle! 
We went and visited a nifty castle this week! It is called Drottningholm. It kinda looks like some sort of fake thing from a movie... but I can testify to you that it is real because I WENT INSIDE. It was pretty extravagant and instead of spending my time appreciating the details of European art, I took selfies with creepy baby pictures and camels. Because I'm American! I always think it is funny for all the people who are visiting a place at the same time as the missionaries. Imagine a giant horde of foreign teenagers who are dressed in fancy clothes take an unholy amount of pictures with everything that exists. Missionaries. It was a really cool place though! And if you take the picture just right it looks like the statue is picking his nose. I promise I'm mature sometimes. 

A Liddle bit of Splits
Äldste Liddle and I went on splits.He is taller than me despite his name! He is an office elder! He is a really good missionary too. We had a fantastic day set up the night before... and of course. Everyone cancelled. So it goes. So we had a day to do some real finding work. It was all good though because we ended the day with some overpriced tourist icecream in Gamla Stan!

Missionary Stuff
This week we baked lots of cookies and took the around to members just to say hi and do some service! We have been trying to think of sneaky ways to avoid the outside world because it is HOT. They told me Sweden was gonna be cold... NEJ! I'm cooking people. And I, unlike the average Swede, don't have the option of walking around 95% naked. Tyvärr. Seriously though, the phone says it is only 70 but I swear it is 120. Humidity or something. Despite the heat, we get work done. Äldste Luke is a hard worker and we have fun every day. 

Random Stuff
-All the teenagers went nuts last week because it was Graduation!  Basically kids get on floats and soak themselves in as much alcohol as they are drinking as they drive around town blasting electronic music. It's something. 

-We got to play Pickleball at an American family's house! 

-I wrestled a Latvian man

-I gave a last minute talk in Sacrament. No one told me I was speaking until they announced me! I guess somebody didn't come and they just felt like I didn't need any notice that I was pinch-hitting. So it goes. 

Well I hope you guys had a good one! 


Äldste Camden Treat 

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