Monday, May 4, 2015


Nej men hej hej!

Tjena folk! Äldste Treat reporting live from Almedalsbiblioteken in Visby! Today is rainy, but we got some ice cream anyways. I have a confession for you all, even though the Visby ice cream shop has around 1.2 million flavors... I still got Vanilla. Because I like it. 

Well here is my week: 

Ask the missionaries...they can move you! 
When I thought of going on a mission I thought of how much service I would be doing. I wanted to build houses for orphans and teach people how to get clean water. I imagined myself in the jungle going around and just helping people. Well, God had a different plan for me. A very opposite plan! I haven't had much of a chance to build houses for Swedish orphans, but I did get to move some people this week. This week has been a moving week. I am pretty sure I am a trained professional now! We helped a family in our branch, the Blombergs, move to Utah! We were over at their house a couple times with a last minute rush to get everything done! It turned out awesome. This week I was also able to help my friend from Zimbabwe move to another part of the island. We had a blast and built our muscles in the process! Building muscles and friendships at the same time :,) 

So Valborg is a viking holiday whose origins I have neglected to learn. Valborg from the viewpoint of an ignorant foreigner goes like so: 

a)  On the last day of April, take a pile of all the crappy sticks, twigs, branches, and anything else that can burn and put it in a big pile. If it isn't taller than you it is not good enough. 

b) Light that thing on fire. 

c) Stare at it until it is nothing but ashes. 

d) Now that winter is ''burnt out'' carry on with regular life. It probably is still really wintery though, because Sweden. 

So yeah! Valborg is a holiday meant for burning out winter! It hasn't snowed since so I guess it worked. Something about a giant bonfire on the coast side does have a very mystical and viking-y feel too it so I am glad I got to do it. 

A thought:
Jesus Christ is the perfect example in everything, but one thing he is the perfect example in is selflessness. When God asked all of us (when we were all little spirit children) who would be the one to go, Satan came forth and said he would do it for his own glory. Jesus came forth and said send me! But he said he would do it for the glory of God. Obviously God picked Jesus, but  I think it is powerful to know that Jesus was doing it all for God, not for his own benefit. 

Well, I must depart! But thank you all for reading this thing! Feel free to send in requests for things you want to know about! 

Love! Love! Love! 

-äldste treat

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