Monday, May 11, 2015

Stockholm Part II

Hello all!

I am here, and I am typing. 

Return of the King... kind of.
So yeah. The Zone Leaders called me up. Here is the conversation: 

ZL: ''Hi. You are going back to Stockholm.'' 
Me: ''Nice.''
ZL: ''O, by the way you are district leader.'' 
Me: ''Cool.'' 

So that is the news. Stockholm wants me, or maybe needs me. Part 2 baby! I am actually really happy to be going back. I will be serving in an area of Stockholm called Jakobsberg but I will be living right in the middle of Stockholm. I feel like I am going home in some way. Stockholm really is my kind of place. I will also be the district leader... but I will be the district leader for THE PRESIDENT. He is in my district. So I guess there is some kind of weird pressure on me to be awesome? That will be fun.  

A guy named Äldste Luke will be my new companion. He is from St. George, Utah! That means he is my third companion in a row from that place. I don't really know anything about him. I hope he is nice. 

This is just a tribute.
Missionary work is very important and all, but I would like to take a chunk of today's blog post and get really real. My mom is awesome. Of course, moms are inherently awesome. Because being a mom is a really hard job. Moms have so many responsibilities and very little of there work gets any notice or pay. But the thing is that moms do it because they are filled with love. So just by nature my mom is awesome. 

But I just gotta say, I won the lottery with getting MY mom. Other people have cool moms, but MY mom is the one I need. Laurie Treat is an amazing person and I feel bad for any of you out there who have not yet been able to meet her. She is the reason why I went on a mission, and she continues to be the reason that I can stay out here. 

As a little kid I know for a fact I was a turd sometimes. I know that I was a turd sometimes (or maybe even more often) when I was a teenager! But somehow my mom was able to have the patience to teach and help me, and for that she deserves a huge trophy or something. Because of that loving patience I was able to learn enough that I can survive a mission, and maybe someday I will be able to survive real life. (maybe.) The point is that she has influenced me to do so much good and become the person I am. (At least the good parts of who I am!) 

So I want the world (or at least the readers of this blog) to know I love my mom! If you know her, you know why. And If you don't know her, then find some way to meet her. She likes to talk so you can get to know her fast! 

Bye Bye Visby
It is hard being a missionary because you are constantly being uprooted as soon as you start to get comfortable. I have loved getting to know new people and serving in this branch. I have been able to have people make an incredibly positive influence on me, and I hope I have influenced them back in an equally positive way. Working with Eva, and my other investigators has been a true pleasure. The Maddens, the senior couple here, have also been a fantastic help. I'm sad to leave all these friends! 

-This week we celebrated Cinco de Mayo! 

-Thursdays in Sweden have a special traditional lunch- pea soup and pancakes. We go to the Herreys every Thursday to celebrate this weekly fesitivity! Pea soup is actually better than it sounds. I took a second bowl once. 

-The Visby ice cream shop has so many flavors I can't even pick. Ice cream isn't supposed to be stressful. 

-I got to Skype with my family! I like those people. 

-Today we went around checking out some cool church ruins! They are old. 

I gotta go now! I love you people. Give your moms hugs. 


ä treat 

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