Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Home again!

Hello everyone! 

Äldste Treat here! Reporting LIVE from Solna library. It just so happens that Solna library has a very strict booking system so there is this scary clock on my screen that is counting down the time I have right before my eyes! It is stressing me out! 

Also the keyboard is very creepy so if I iss a letter don't frek out. Oky? 

Home :)
Stockholm is my home, and am back. I love this place! The streets, the buildings, the random alley ways that have some very questionable smells.... It is home. Because I was born here! Stockholm and I have a special connection. 

I must admit, I have been getting some weird dejavu type of stuff because I didn't think I would be back here. I guess I tried to leave home and it didn't work out so well and now it feels kinda weird to be back. Like moving in with your parents at the age of 30.. a bit unnatural but still kinda fun. 

Mycket att Göra!
For the sake of speed and formatting I will provide the readers of my blog with a list of events that have happened in the past 7 days. 

-I left Visby Tuesday morning

-I taught a Mongolian family who couldn't speak English or Swedish through the power of the Gift of Tongues known in the modern age as google translate. 

-I helped a finish man clean his porch, and then he grilled us finnish korv (sausage) He insisted Korv was better with milk. I agree. We sat around and talked about Finland.

-I cleaned the drain in  apartment. It hadn't been done for YEARS. Someone had to do it, and I took one for the team. 

-I helped some cool Swedes move. 

-I met my MTC teacher (Bro. Marchant!) and his wife! He treated us to Kebab :) 

-I frolicked in a forest. 

-I gave my first baptismal interview to some brothers from Ghana! 

-I gave my first blessing in English! (I've done a couple in Swedish!) 

-I had a pancake party with the other Jakobsberg missonaries. 

-I enjoyed a Chilean barbecue!

Well this creepy little clock is counting down so I am gonna have to call this a blog post. Thanks for reading! 

Love from Sweden, 
Äldste Treat 


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