Monday, April 27, 2015

Service or Bust

Hello folks.

Så sorry for the long wait. There are just so many things to do and so little time and sometimes the blog gets a tiny bit forgotten. But I love all of you peeps* out there who read this thing and I can't neglect you for too long! :) 

How has my April been? Thanks for asking! My April has been positively dandy. A lot of things are going wonderfully. I swear all life in Sweden correlates with the sun... it's almost like we need that thing to be alive or something. But seriously, as the sun comes out things are just getting better and better. 

Ukulele Party/ Companion Update
Äldste Johnson showed up with a ukulele so of course we jam. I don't know if we will be coming out with any albums soon because things are in what I would like to call a ''progressive'' stage. Which is a nice way of saying you should be glad I am 5000 miles away and you can't hear me sing. We are working on it. But seriously, we are having fun and making the best of our time here! I always have a goal to leave every area better than I found it and we are doing our best :) So here are some new and exciting things about the dude I live with 24/7. He makes a rad french toast, he is allergic to almonds, and he can actually sing. (He evens my bad singing out, which is hard to do.) 

Service or Bust
This past week a family from our branch is moving (!) to Utah. We are pretty sad to see them go, but we have been blessed with the opportunity to serve them like crazy. They have a lot of kids and a lot to do so we have been helping them move like crazy! It is fun to give service because when ye are in the service of your fellow being you are really just serving God so that is a very happy thought. The problem with this is that we helped a family move (!) out of our branch. We seriously are losing 7 fine people out of a 16 person branch... so we have a goal to FIND A FAMILY! It is our vision. 

An Analysis on Limiting Factors
This month I have learned a lot about what actually limits a human from doing something. Through several different scripture stories, life experiences, and born (this seems weird because it is like a baby...) testimonies I have come to a conclusion. There are only two things that limit us in life. The first is faith: If we have enough faith we can do whatever the heck we want and it will happen. We just need to believe it! But the second is God's will. Because he has his own plan that we kinda have to follow. So if we have enough faith, and our wants are in line with God's will... well now we are cooking. So have faith and trust in God is the new black. 

Progress Report
We teach a cute family from Ethiopia a couple times per week! They are really working on getting comfortable with baptism but they really are faithful and excited about things! 

We also are still teaching Eva since she just barely became a member! We love her and she is totally fitting in with the branch. Eva has a special spirit and is doing wonderful. 

As always, there is someone out there who we are about to talk to... they just don't know it yet. Some random Swede is seriously about to get talked to and there life is gonna change. I just know it. 

Funnies and Randoms 
I am working really hard to be good at family history because it is kind of a big deal but I think I might just be a hindrance to the whole deal because I can't index to save my life. I swear my eyes don't work when I am trying to read 1900's cursive. 

Speaking of family history I may have some Thai roots (What do you think Grandma T?!) because I make a mean Thai dish that you could really use a taste of. Hit me up in 15 months and we will have a din-party. 

Sweden is fun and I kinda like it here. Äldste James and Peterson came and visited us for splits and we hung out on a cliff and talked about our awesome futures. it was cute. 

Make sure to check out because he really is a better writer than I am and he says cool things. 

I am waiting for someone from my high school to come over to Sweden and be a missionary like me.

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