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Aldste Treat here wishing everyone a very happy day! Including those of you who have some nasty sunburns from their nifty vacations. I am praying for you guys. Despite my dark skin complexion, I know that suburnt spring break feeling. 

I just wanted to let you know a little bit about my week if that is okay... (if it is not please do not continue reading) 

Baptism is a Big Deal 
This week I was able to see one of my investigators make the choice (a very good choice, i recommend it) to be baptized! It is cool to see someone make significant changes in their life and then choose to follow Christ. I realized this week that it is important that we, as missionaries don't look at baptism as the end goal. Rather, we need to understand that we need to help people make changes that put them on a lifelong path to become a strong follower of Christ. With that said: Eva did it! Eva is a kind, older Swede who converted from another Christian religion. She overcame amazing difficulties to be baptized and she is on her way to becoming a strong member in our little branch here. We did the baptism in a bath house and then I was able to confirm her a member of the church (the real important part!) during the sessions of conference. 

When It Rains it POURS!
...blessings that is. It has actually been raining all week, and yes I have been riding my bike in it, but we are talking about something else people! This week it seems like blessings have been raining as much as it has been raining outside. Sometimes, we just need to make sure that we don't have our umbrella out blocking our blessings. This week has been crazy filled with them. It all starts with Eva being baptized, I saw the Lord's hand (not literally, unfortunately) in planning it and getting everything done! Then, my new companion came. He is a blessing because he is a crazy good missonary and has taught me so much. Then! Conference and Easter. On top of all that I gave the confirmantion in the middle of it all! This week was actually quite stacked in terms of awesome events! 

Aldste Johnson! He is about the same height as me! He has a cool haircut! And guess what...he is a missionary too! Also he is my new companion. He is from St. George and he is really talented at soccer and being a missionary person! (Two things I need to work on!) Also, he is really good at Swedish so I am excited for our time together. So far we have big goals and we are going hard! Relying on the Lord in every step and having a blast in the inbetweens. 

Because He Lives
I love sharing the gospel with people but I have a favorite thing to share about. The message that Christ lives. His love isn't dependent upon anything. He just loves everyone. He loves you no matter what time of your life you are in, or where you have been. Check out the most recent initiative by the church at (sorry I am a little late on this whole thing...) It is a really rad film that can probably make you smile! 

Thanks for reading! I love Jesus, and I love you all! 

Have an awesome week. Don't do anything Elder Treat wouldn't do! 

Eva's Baptism

Aldste Johnson!

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