Monday, March 23, 2015

Top of the... Island

Hej hej folk! Hur är det med er! Jag hoppas allt är bra :) My family is going to Disney Land without me so my life is just dandy also! Nah, Im just kidding. I kinda left to Sweden without them so it makes sense that they would send out some sick payback. 

Well, without further to do I would like to present my week in written form: 

Fårö (or nah?)
This week we did another road trip to wait for it... FÅRÖ! Pronounced For-uh! Basically Fårö means Sheep Island. Now at this point I can tell that you guys are all wondering why I went to a place called Sheep Island. Does that not sound like a place someone would want to avoid desperately? Well let me explain! For some reason guys have this thing inside of them that makes them want to get to the highest point of anything. See a huge hill? Climb it. See a tree? Climb it. Top of an island? Road trip. It just makes sense! Fårö is the top of the island. Buuut conicidentally there happens to be some cool stone pillars there. I dont know why Gotland has so many nifty rocks but it just does! 
So we took a ferry out to Fårö but we didn't see a single sheep. So I'm mad! I want to complain and write an angry note! Come on Sheep Island NEEDS sheep. What a disappointment, but what a cool rock picture! 

A Dope Interview!
So this week we got our investigator named Eva all cleared and ready to go for baptism. We are just working to find a place to actually do that thing... you see..Visby is little... and our church is basically a rented office space. Therefore, we have no font. So this would be a perfect opportunity to baptize someone in the Baltic Sea! Buuuuut we would both die in the freezing water. So right now we are searching for a pool or a bathtub or some kind of standing water to get this thing done. Äldste James took the båt out here and gave her an interview. We had such a blast! But Eva passed her dopintervju (baptismal interview) with flying colors (probably blue and yellow) and is all set as soon as we get this thing going. Chaos as usual.

-Church is only two hours long here, and I'm convinced this is the right way to do things. 
-I'm still a bad driver 
-As soon as the Swedish Sun came out he psyched us and was all like ''Na!'' So we haven't seen him much this week.
-Everything in this place is covered in moss so I feel like I live in 1200 but I'm pretty sure the church wasn't restored in 1200 so obviously I don't. 

Well I am now at a complete loss. Basically nothing else happened this week... I guess I am gonna have to work extra hard to make this week awesome! Do it for the blog post, right? 


äldste treat 

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