Monday, March 16, 2015

Gotland 3/16/15

Hej alla!
Äldste Treat here... live from the Visby Public Library! (woop.)
First, I just wanted to say shoutout to the sun for actually starting to work a *near* regular schedule and bless us with a bit of light! Seriously, white kids like me need all the sun we can get! With that said I'm gonna cut straight to the nitty gritty and give you some updates.
P-Day Road Trip
Så basically the island of Gotland is not actually super huge. I think the to drive from the top to the bottom it only takes about 2 (two) hours tops. Also, we are conveniently located about in the middle... so that means we can get anywhere in the island in about one (1) hour! This is super nifty because there is lots of cool natures and beauties to see all along the coast. Today we traveled to a place called Högklint which directly translates to high cliff. I bet you can't guess what is there! If you guess high cliffs you are a winner. So we basically just stood on a cliff and looked at the ocean. it was very blue.
The next stop on P-Day road trip brought us to a place called Nyhamn. Nyhman means New Harbor and it was basically a nifty little fishing village just like you expect stereotypical Sweden to be! They even have those weird little round rocks that sit on the shore! Bonus: We saw two Swans and it turns out Swans are actually much bigger than you would usually guess. Either that, or Swedish Swans are abnormally large. Orrrrr maybe we just found some big ones. Either way, we found big swans.
Then we visited a random set of limestone formations! They are like these weird little pillar things. I am not sure if that place had a name but it was a very cool location for lots of pictures. it felt like a place where trolls would live.
Next stop brought us to a place which the name of I cannot currently recall... something blah gosh I can't remember. Well it was another cool fishing village with lots of little fossils on the beach!
Then... return home! What a day.
Progress Report
We are currently working with many investigators here in Visby! we have about 5 people who are really getting excited about church things. Then we have an additional 5 who we teach frequently!
We will also be having a baptism with one of our investigators on the 28th of March! So we are getting really excited for that. :) As usual, we continue to talk to all the people on the street and see if they have any interest in religion!
Visby Stats
Number of miles travelled on bikes: 1,000,000
Branch Population: 16 (but 8 are leaving since they are a big family)
Number of hours spent on the boat back and forth to stockholm: 24 (twenty-four)
Selfies taken: too many too count
City Population: 23,000
Oh and here are some funnies
- A week ago we had to bike in the rain and the wind was blowing so much I was barely moving.
- The wind is always blowing in Visby in the same direction: Directly in your face.
- I am going to have huge thighs from all this biking. Think Tour d' France
- We saw a car driving around the round-about the wrong way. Everyone was swerving to avoid him! When he finally passed us (one the wrong side of the road) we found out he must have been 145 years old! He was annnncient!
- Äldste Jones finds lots of money on the ground for some reason. I dont know how but he has like an eye for it!
- We found a candy bar that was Cactus and Pear flavored!
Well, tha that that tha that that's all folks!
äldste treat


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