Monday, March 30, 2015

Companion Changes

Goooooood Mooooorrrrning! (or night... or evening...or post lunch break or whatever time your current find yourself existing!) 

Äldste Treat here. Did you know that in Swedish Äldste literally translates to ''oldest.'' So I am the oldest treat. not fresh at all... I can't even to you all how many times I have had to explain what Äldste (Elder) really means and how many times I have had to explain Treat is my last name. Also, the treat puns are rampant. I guess that happens when you wear your name on your chest. Such is missionary life. 

Well I would like to treat you with a peak into my week! (sorry, i had to.) 

it rains a lot. it is raining currently. it rained yesterday. it will rain for the rest of today. i expect more rain in the future. ring is a symptom of spring time. we only have bikes. i make a funny face when i ride in the rain. wind blows the rain in my face. swedish rain feels about like american rain but a lot quieter and more pretentious. i should appreciate the rain- because someone somewhere else is probably praying to get it. well- they can take it-gladly. 

On Tuesday we had a member of our branch ask us to go out to do hometeaching with him! As good missionaries do, we planned some really nifty lessons and met him early. He drove us in his car- which ended up making it about 10 minutes outside of town before it started to overheat. He started yelling ''Oj! Nånting är fel! Någonting är fel nu!'' (ah! something is wrong!) and we pulled over to the side of the road. It turns out there was a very simple- but crazy problem. He was all the way out of oil- and the remaining oil that was there was 99% dirt. His car was running on dirt. He informed us it hadn't been serviced in about 7 years and we were all like ''No crap!'' I was killing myself to keep in my laugh. So we ended up driving 10 minutes- overheating the car- pulling over- and repeating. For 2 hours. Until we got to the mechanic and finally turned the car off. I though something was gonna explode! But it was good we were there because I dont know what would have happened if we werent. He might have just kept driving... 


Sad news: Äldste Jones is leaving me for another companion. He is going to Kristianstad. Farväl. Adjö. Good times were had, but it is time to move on. 

Good news: Äldste Johnson is coming out! He is from St. George. He seems pretty hip. 

Funny story: Before my mission I would read on other Swedish Missionaries blogs- I read Äldste Johnson's a lot! I feel like I already know him a bit. It is kind creepy though because I once thought ''Wow! I could actually be companions with this guy...'' Well folks, it happened. 

-Eva will be baptized tomorrow (the 31st) instead of the 28th! We are excited. 
-Äldste Johson was just in Lund which is way down south next to Copenhagen! 
-I don't think Swedish bacon is as good as I remember American bacon being
-I'm gonna miss Äldste Jones a bit because he bakes muffins. 

I think that's all! Email me because I miss you people. 

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