Monday, February 23, 2015


Goooooooooood afternoon/morning/midnight/lunch time/ evening! I have absolutely no idea when you people read on here...
So I made it. Somehow I figured out how to drag all of my life in the 3 suitcases out on to an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. What a trip it was!
Introducing... Äldste Jones!
Äldste Jones hails from the land of St. George Utah! He is basically a miracle human because he is a super good missionary, he bakes me muffins, and he is really funny. Seriously though, this kid is sick. I would say watch out ladies, but he still has 20 months on his mission so... off limits for now! He just got finished with training and it is my job to break him out of being a Greenie! Cool beans! Two young stunners hitting the streets of Visby! Stay tuned! More to come about Äldste Jones in future blog posts!
Trip Report
Basically tranfers are the scariest thing in the world because you are ALL ALONE. Which doesn't even seem scary to you normal people but it was absolutely terrifying for us awkward missionaries. Not to mention the fact that somehow we have to figure out how to get all of our bags and crap on to a bunch of different trains and boats and planes and everything. Transfers are chaos. With that said I am proud to report that A) I did not die. B) I am alive. The thing about it is that I am kinda mind-blown I made it because I learned I am really bad at travelling. I only had to take two (2) trains and one (1) boat so it shouldn't have been that hard, right? Wrong! I almost missed both of my trains, and by some Christmas miracle I was able to find the right trains at the last second. At one point I was actually travelling on the wrong train and I noticed it just in time, at the last station possible, just to hop off and run across the platform to the right train. The real chaos came when I got to the boat though. I went to the ferry station, and my future companion was waiting at the train station! So I am running around the ferry station playing Hide-And-Seek for Elder Jones while he is playing an equally frantic game of Hide-And-Seek for me at the train station. Then a solution came...
Lessons from a Hippy
So I am pretty sure a miracle happened because in my time of need a very very very authentic hippy (dreads, sandals, beard, bohemian clothes, the works) came and asked why I was freaking out and running around the station. He spoke Swedish but it was like hippy Swedish. I know you can't really picture it but it was way nifty. I explained the situatiuon to him (which is a really weird thing to explain to someone who doesn't understand missionary life) and then he let me borrow his phone. With a few calls I sorted everything out but it was wild for a minute. Then me and the hippy had a chat about life well Äldste Jones ran for his life to the boat. This bro taught me some really trippy deep stuff about how chaos helps us grow. It was so awesome. I really wanted to take a selfie with him but I didnt want to ruin the moment. Some moments just don't need pictures because it distracts us from being in the now. At least that is what I thoguht at the time because I was in a really deep mood after chatting with him.
I forgot how to drive!
On Gotland we have a car! Well... we share a car! But still! Yay! However, after 7 months outside of the driving life I am a terrible driver. ATTENTION GOTLAND DRIVERS: I am så sorry. Basically, Äldste Jones is my driving instructor right now and things are a little stressy for him because I am awful. Not to mention Swedish roads are quite different. So I petition and plead for all of your prayers to be sent our way. Spiritual protection is needed. Desperately.
Well I gotta go teach people about Jesus now! See ya next week!

-äldste treat

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