Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Transfer! GOTLAND here i come!

I just wanted to drop in and share some tidings of great joy. 

A Game of Tranfers
Once every 6 weeks a very special day comes called transfer calls! Everyone gets so excited as it gets closer. Predictions are made. Long conversations and speculations are crafted. It is like the excitement of opening your mission call again... except way way smaller. So on Saturday everyone holds their phone really close and tries to distract themselves from thinking about it... but once that phone call from the zone leaders come its go time. The stress is insurmountable.  Because sometimes you want to move and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get ripped out of a newfound home, seperated from a favorite companion, or torn away from new member friends.

... and sometimes you get a desperately needed change, an escape from a boring area, or a long awaited new start.  

Unfortunately in the Game of Tranfers not everyone comes out on top.

-But everyone is a winner right?! ... Nej!

Basically, at the end of every tranfer call there are winners and naturally, there are losers. 
So I would like to proudly report that I won this transfer. (Not that I would ever tell you if I lost...)

3 days ago I found out that I am leaving ''goatland'' (Gävle's symbol is the goat) and I am heading out to Gotland! Gotland is the little island that Sweden owns that is out by Latvia... kind of. So I will be taking a 3 hour boat ride out to the city of Visby. I mean, yeah, there are probably more sheep than people out there... but it is the most well-preserved viking city in Scandinavia so I am not complaining! Not to brag, but it is kind of the place where all the missionaries want to go. Why? Because it is a flipping Island, that's why! 

Even though I have come to love Gävle and by no means did I want to leave... I think I am a winner (I guess I shouldn't speak too soon!) I forgot to mention that I am Greenie breaking! That means I am getting a missionary who is just finished with training! His name is Äldste Jones and he comes from the Factory. All the Swedes call Utah ''The Factory'' because they pump out so many missionaries. I really hope he is cool because I am gonna be stuck on a tiny island in the Baltic Sea with him... 

I am super stoked.

This is going to be an adventure. 


Äldste Treat 

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