Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gott Nytt År!

Hej på er!

Hello everyone! :) I hope your Christmas has been killer and I hope your new year has been the bomb. Well... not literally. Christmas murders and New Year bombings are actually an unfortunate catastrophe which I would not wish upon anyone. 

Gott Nytt År!/Sweden Goes Hard
Speaking of bombs... Sweden really loves fireworks to bring in the new year. This year I realized that the whole watching the ball drop and kissing someone thing is cool and all... but Swedes do it better. Sorry America, but Sweden goes hard. In the little neighborhood I was in everyone was shooting fireworks out of their backyards starting at about 11:30! And these weren't some wussy ground bloomers or bottle rockets. They were legitimately entertaining explosives! It was a really cool experience to look out over all the little snow covered Swedish houses and see the sky filled with fireworks. If any of you know me, You know I love fireworks. Sometimes little moments like these make me realize why the Lord thought Sweden was a good place to send me :) 

New Year was spent with a family who lives in Valbo. We had a blast eating tacos (Have I ever told you Swedes love tacos?) having ice cream, playing pictionary, and watching things explode.

On a spiritual note, check out the new Mormon Message called ''Look Not Behind Thee'' It has a really solid message about how New Years is a time to get rid of past worries and mistakes and focus on becoming a better and more Christ-like you. I know it shares a strong message filled with truth. It is also known to cause a few chuckles. 

Leaving the Ö
Ö, pronounced as ''uhh (sort of)'' means Island in Swedish! Last week I got a call and I received the knowledge that I would be leaving my little Island of Lidingö. So now I am in.... *drum rolllllll*.....

Gävle! (Yeh-Vleh)

It is a nifty little place about 2 hours north of Stockholm. So far, I think it is gonna be a really great place but I must say it is very small compared to always being around Stockholm. That is okay though! So far I have met some awesome members and I have an awesome companion. His name is Äldste Hewitt and he hails from the land of Storbritannien! Or as we Americans say England/Britain/UK! So I am really excited to be here and really excited to meet some new people to teach and help! 

Cool! Backwards chronological order! Why not? This year we spent Christmas with a Finnish family and had a total blast. One thing that I feel very sad to report, is that I made a mistake (gasp!) Apparently, Swedes do not eat ''seal'' for Christmas dinner. They eat ''sill'' which means herring in Swedish. I thought I was gonna eat a  cute little seal but instead I just ate salty fish! So sorry everyone, I have no report as to what seal tastes like and I am not sure if I ever will. Other than that, Christmas was great. We ate tons of food, watched Frozen, and ate more food! It was cool to watch Frozen because it is such a Scandinavian movie. It is based in Norway but definitely has some Swedish aspects to it! 

I also got to Skype my family. It was a cool reminder that they are actually alive. It was really fun to talk to them and show off my Swedish! I'm not even that good but they can't tell! :) 

Random Notes

-Missionaries have a system of genealogy. Your trainer is your ''father'' and if you train someone they are your ''son.'' The place you start is the place you were ''born'' and the place where you finish your mission is the place where you ''die.'' With that said I have some somber news to report... My father, Äldste Keele, is dead. 

-I ate so much candy and food over the past two weeks I think I am going to literally die. If I stop replying to your emails you know why. 

-I witnessed a miracle on the train here to Gävle! A couple rows back there was a little girl who asked her mom to take her to the bathroom so they went up to the front of the train. While they were gone a snowboard feel from the storage racks above and landed right where the little girl would have been sitting! I am telling you that kid would not have been okay. So thank goodness for the need to pee! :) #peesaveslives

Well I gotta peace out. But I wish every one of you a happy 2015 :)

Loves and hugs,

Äldste Treat 

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