Wednesday, January 21, 2015

6 months done!

Hej hej alla! 

It is me! Finally. Sorry to keep you guys all waiting for so long. I know my blog is probably your only source for really decent entertainment so I have felt absolutely terrible not posting for so long. Well, your wait is over! I am back with another report on my adventures in Sweden. 

A New Companion
So since we last chatted lots of changes have happened here in Gävle. It turns out that Äldste Hewitts destiny took him on a surprise transfer to the southern city of Växjö. So he and I only had 10 days together... It is okay though because I learned all kinds of British vocab in that short space. (Fun hint: Brits say "fussy" instead of picky when talking about food!) I think I learned almost everything I needed to know about Gävle too, which is really good since I have a new companion. I am now with a cool cat named Äldste Landeen who hails from the not so foreign land of Riverton, Utah. He just came down from a tiny little village in the North called Skellefteå. They have like 6 members up there so he is really happy to be in a "big city."  It is funny because when I got here I thought it was small...

A New Missionary
Yes it happened! We got a greenie in our area! I have been waiting to have a greenie in my area because I have always been the youngest... but now those days are over! Syster King is now the mother of a beautiful little girl named Syster Giles. Syster Giles is from Southern California, she makes me seem really white when I stand next to her, and she loves candy. Also, I guess I should mention she was a PROFESSIONAL SURFER. Yeah, not kidding. A week ago Sweden welcomed her to the mission by snowing 1.5 feet in one night! (For metric systemers that's like 45cm!) The funny thing about it all is she had never seen snow before she went out on a mission! 

A New Area
So I have been in Gävle for almost a month now and I am really liking it here. It is really weird moving from the big city to a smaller one so the biggest change I have noticed is that everything is just more calm. It is really good for missionary work because people aren't in such a hurry. In just the past week I have been able to meet lots of people and talk to them on the street. A few of them we may even be able to teach soon. Our members are also really amazing! We have about 30 active members in our branch. They have us over for dinner all the time and I love them. 

Random Notes! 
-everyone has cats here so I am now a snotty, red-eyed mess all the time. (I am allergic to kitties and adult cats too) 

-Kinder eggs (Google them) aren't illegal here In Sweden! 

-The "American Pizza" place here tastes nothing like American pizza. In fact, it tastes more like an armpit. 

-There is only ONE H&M here so I don't even know how I am going to survive. (There were like 30 in Stockholm) 

-Everyone in Gävle rides bikes despite it being the dead of winter out here. 

-The sun is blessing us with its light a little more often every day :) 

-I have now been out on a mission for 6 months! WHA? It seems kinda weird that it has been that long since my first blog post. Time is definitely going by in a rapid fashion. 

Well... Tha tha tha that that's all folks! 
Thanks for reading! 

<3 äldste treat

The river in Gävle

Food Tubes!

Kinder Toys

Uncomfortable holding a baby!

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