Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not So Green

Halla peeps! It's me again, and I have some good news! This ''Arctic Land'' I thought I was going to be living in actually hasn't been so arctic. In fact, I think the majority of you reading this blog are living in more arctic temperatures than I am! We have only seen snow once here in Stockholm, and it was super wimpy. It left in about 3 hours! Well, I guess I shouldn't speak to soon because transfers are coming up this week and just because I typed this I will probably be sent to the most northern part of the mission! (Boden!)

Not so Green...I guess?
Speaking of transfers coming up...that marks my 12th week in Sweden! Which also means that I am officially

wait for it... 

drumroll please...


Hoorah! Yes it is true. Tiny little Elder Treat will soon not be a greenie. I will be a full on straight up real missionary! It is kind of funny because I am the youngest kid in the whole Sweden Stockholm mission, and I am guessing it will stay that way for a while. But nonetheless, I guess even tiny little people are qualified to teach. It is kind of crazy because basically everyone else in my district is about to go home and I am just starting. This week one of our super cool Stockholm sisters, Sister Hill, peaces out! And then just after that, my trainer, Elder Keele is gonna peace out. (Look for him at BYU-I, ladies.) Anyways, I am super excited for everything that is happening within the next couple months. It is getting busy! Everyone says that real mission life starts happening after you are done being a greenie... so I am stoked.

Stockholm Splits!
Last week I went on splits with Elder Mott in the Stockholm central area! It is the busiest and most populated area in the mission! For a whole day, Elder Mott and I were in charge of 600,000 people! Crazy right? Between the two of us we had only been out for 9 months! So much responsibility! Stockholm was really fun though. We got to walk around all the old European streets and the Swedish harbor! It is so fun to be in the big city. It is so fast-paced and you meet people from everywhere in the world just in one day! 

We've got Talent!
Us missionaries here in Stockholm Ward put on a ward talent show! (In Swedish: Talang Afton) Now I know that sounds kinda cheesy but it was actually really fun. Swedish people go hard at ward parties! We had a legitimate band, a robot dancer, and we all did a ''synchronized'' swimming routine. Dont worry, we didn't go swimming! We just held up a  blue sheet and pretended to swim behind it. The ward was cracking up because we didn't actually have so much time to practice. Cuz ya know, missionaries are busy with other stuff. So it wasn't perfectly synchronized, and it wasn't real swimming, but it was the coolest synchronized swimming routine Stockholm ward has seen! 

Almost Swedish
So I can't exactly speak Swedish like a Swede yet... But I can actually communicate now! And I can understand most of what is going on around me. It is funny because Swedes talk in the front of their mouth, in almost a whispery way. It is hard to explain, but it makes my voice sound way different when I speak Swedish! This month I have been working really hard on my accent! It is hard because their vowel sounds are all really different. You have to use your lips and tongue more than you do in English! I am hoping that I can get it down though because Swedish really is a beautiful sounding language... if you do it right. We missionaries kinda butcher it! :) My language might not be so good yet, but last night I ate meatballs, potatoes, and saft for dinner. So i guess that means I am at least becoming a little Swedish? 

Anyways, I guess that was my week! Have a party wherever you are! Also I would love to hear what questions y'all have so shoot me a line! :) 


-äldste treat 

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