Monday, October 13, 2014

Surstromming.... open at your own risk... not recommended for human consumption!

Hej peeps! How's life!?

So I am back with some fantastic stories from another great week in Sweden! I didn't have much for y'all last week but I hope you can forgive me. Missionary life is just downright busy!

So, after being in Sweden for 5 weeks it finally happened. Yes. You know the fermented fish you have heard so much about? WELL I ATE IT. Yes i have officially had rotten fish in my mouth thanks to the Sweden Stockholm Mission. A bunch of missionaries in the Stockholm area got together for a ''Surströmming Party'' which was the weirdest ''party'' I have even been to. So I am sure you are wondering if it lives up to the hype! Is it really that bad? Does it smell terrible? Does it taste even worse? Well the answers are yes, yes and yes. It is bad stuff, which is no surprise since it is rotten. It literally smells like sewer (we had to open in underwater so it wouldn't kill us) and tastes about the same. But I am pretty sure you aren't a real Swede unless you eat it so it had to be done! It only took 3 pieces of gum and 5 tic tacs to get the taste out of my mouth. And the smell only stayed on my hands for a couple days ;) I survived though! 

Splits Part II
Last week I went on splits with Elder Mott! Elder Mott is another Elder in the Stockholm area. He came out to Lindigö so for the first time ever, I was in charge. I know that is a scary thought... but we ended up doing just fine! We even ended up having 3 lessons! They were all with members, but they all turned out really well. Elder Mott is just a greenie so it was a lot of work to teach 100% in Swedish. But we got it done, as always. I learned a ton in the process too! We took a trip all around Lidingö and I tried to show him a few cool things while he was out. We visited a 200 year old church, hiked through the forest, and did some missionary work along the way! 

Random notes about Sweden!
-there are no fans in the bathrooms
-I haven't seen any wild animals yet
-Everyone loves this floor hockey game called Innebandy
-people eat rotten fish
-everyone dresses like they are in an LL Bean catalog
-I found Pizza with pepperoni :)
-Everyone asks why we bother to learn Swedish when they can all speak English
-You see 100 year old people out jogging

**Disclaimer: I know it looks like we just hike around in forests all the time but we really are doing missionary work! It just so happens that to get anywhere but walking you have to take a little forest hike!**

Just one today:
In Swedish, ''fart'' means speed. So there are a ton of road signs that say stuff about fart! I try to take a picture with them as often as I can. As you can see, I am very mature. 

Death in a can!

Elder Mott

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