Monday, September 29, 2014

Vikings Live On!

Hejjj peeps! What's good in the hood? Elder Treat here again, reporting live from the Stockholm YSA center. It is 8:43 AM and the day couldn't be more beautiful. It is a cool 13 degrees Celsius (I'm still not sure what that means) and the sun is shining...finally! This week it has been mostly rainy and cold... and missionary work doesn't stop for weather! So it has been a fun (yet wet) week. 

Be Prepared
So one thing that Swedes have taught me this week is the true meaning of the scout motto: Be Prepared. So as you already know it has been a bit rainy in Stockholm, but that doesn't stop Swedes at all. Wanna know why?  Cuz every single person has goulashes, rain coats, umbrellas, you name it. These people are seriously ready to go walking in the rain. I even saw dogs with little doggy raincoats on! I forgot to tell you, but Swedes seem to really like dogs and they take them everywhere. Not like little tiny chihuahua dogs, like full grown massive hairy viking dogs.  It is really crazy and sometimes I feel like they are going to attack me if I contact their owner. So far, so good though! The dogs seem to have the same Swedish quietness and shyness ;)

I went on my first splits this week! Which means I got to switch companions for a day for those of you who are not familiar which mission jargon. It was really fun. I got to go to Jakobsberg, a suburb outside of Stockholm, with Elder Featherstone (who is a total bro in case you were wondering.) So, something funny is that Elder FS is a new missionary too. He has only been out for 10 weeks. So we had 2 super greenie missionaries walking around trying to teach and contact in a language that could barely pass under the title of Swedish. More like Swenglish. Despite our shortcomings, we taught a lesson to a less active member and she really liked it. I think that we had a little heavenly help with that one ;) After our lesson we went home and realized we didn't have much food so we put together this super ghetto recipe we call Greenie Chicken. It was something else. I will try to get the recipe up soon but I don't advise you to make it!

-In Swedish, there is no way to say please. Which is super weird because Swedes are very into manners. Anyways, because of this I think I have stopped saying please in English. So if I come back and I seem like a super rude person I will just blame it on my Swedishness!
-Funny story time. This week I, Camden Treat, weighing in at 147lbs, 5 foot 10, scared a viking man. So picture this! There is a man standing at the bus stop who is a real viking. I'm talking beard, long hair, 300 lbs, 6 foot 5. He is Thor, okay? So little tiny me, in a David and Goliath moment, walks up to him and says ''Hey, uh, Excuse me, but we are missionaries and we invite people to-'' and he looks right and my name tag and acts super scared and shakes his head repeatedly and says ''Nej nej nej!'' And without further to do, he runs away, and maybe missed his bus. So i just stood there for a second, and turned and walked away. It was super weird. 

Well, sadly, I must now depart. Förlåt! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Who are you though? Who evens read on here? Email me and tell me! I would love to hear from you! 

Vi ses,

Äldste Treat 
Swedish Subways are Awesome!
Gamla Stan

This Sign Cracks Me Up!!!

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