Monday, September 8, 2014

Sweden at Last!

I Made It! (Barely)
Yes I am here in Sweden! It is so great to be here, but it has been quite the process! So last Friday we were called in to the MTC travel office and we were told that we didn't get our visas. So they told us we would have to stay in the MTC an extra week or maybe we would be reassigned to a state-side mission! Everyone was super bummed, but then on Saturday we were called in and told that we got our visas last minute! It was crazy. So for a while I was reassigned to go to the Washington Vancouver mission which I was actually really excited about. But I guess I'll just have to visit some other time now! 

I got assigned to the Stockholm area so I stayed right here in the big city! My area is a little island called Lidingö!  It is so hard to really explain everything because so much has happened in the past 5 days!  I've met so many new people and seen so many new things. President and Sister Beckstrand are so nice and they really make sure we are taken care of.  I also have a new companion named Elder Keele! He is my trainer. he is a really energetic kid and he has already taught me a lot! We work really hard together! 

So here is just a random list of happenings here in Sverige! 
-I've met people from almost 20 different countries already. I think I haven't even talked to so many actual Swedes.
-I helped two people move in one day and they kept giving me instructions in Swedish, so they were getting mad at me because I could only understand about 2% of what they said. Swedish is harder for me to understand than to speak.
-I bore my testimony in Swedish and it lasted about 5 minutes. Everybody was really impressed with my Swedish, like everyone was talking and whispering during my testimony. 

-We have contacted 100 people on the streets in four days. We talk to everyone. 

-I got yelled at by some Russian guy we contacted who spoke the worst English ever. After I told him we were teaching about Jesus he started yelling about Putin and Ukraine and got really ticked off. I couldn't understand him so we kinda said sorry and bounced. 

-I ride buses and subways everywhere. It is hard getting used to the big city. It is true that if you are talking on the bus or the train you are the only one talking. Swedes are very quiet and it is almost depressing. 

-This place is very anti-religion. People are very pleasant until you mention you are missionary and they they are gone! They will seriously leave the minute you mention it. It is okay though because our job is just to invite people, not to force them!
-I've had so much fun working on my Swedish. I try to read all the signs I see and I try to listen in on peoples conversations. Church was held in Swedish and I think I understood 30% It is so hard but so fun. My goal is to be fluent by Christmas. 

-The toilets flush way differently here. They have a button on the wall or the top of the toilet and instead of swirling they just kinda explode with water and push all the... stuff away. 

-The light switches are all super fat, like they are made for toddlers. I will put a pic up soon. 

-It is so quiet here! Even in the middle of the busiest train station it is really quiet. Swedes are just very reserved and you get some weird looks if you are talking too much in public. 

Anyways I'm sure you will have some questions so feel free to email me! I love hearing from youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! 

-Äldste Treat 

    My apartment view

    My apartment

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