Monday, September 15, 2014

Lidingo Life

Hej hej alla! Here is just a quick update on my life!

Lidingö Life
Elder K and I are working hard and we are trying to build up a bunch of people to teach. I go home every night super exhausted but we our having a blast on our private little island! This week we talked to about 200 people. A lot of people are pretty nice, some people are rude, and a few are very positive. We focus on those positive people and I think before we know it we will have some new friends to teach! Everyday before we go out and work we play football (soccer for you Americans) with a member from Peru. He is teaching us a lot. It is fun because he kinda acts like our coach! In Lidingö the fun is abundant and the work is progressing. Our biggest enemy is Port codes. Every apartment has a code that is required to get inside, so when we try to swing by peoples houses we are usually stopped. It is okay though because in Sweden everyone is always outside so we meet tons of people on the street. 

This Week 
This week was particularly cool because I visited Gamla Stan for the first time ever. It is the old part of Stockholm. Everything is so neat! The word Gamlastan literally means old city. It is true! There is cobblestone, and old buildings, and viking shops! It is one of my favorite places so far. Another cool thing that happened this week is Elder Bednar came to Sweden. On Thursday i was able to hear him talk for about 5 hours and he imparted a ton of knowledge on me! Since half of the mission was there I was also able to meet a ton of the other bloggers from the Sweden Stockholm mission. It was fun to actually see them in real life.

So i know this blog post is kinda short but I always have to include some funny stuff. 
-This week I saw a man step on the tunnelbana (metro/subway) and he was wearing full body flowery footy pajamas. He looked a bit homeless but his outfit was on point. You see the weirdest things on the tunnelbanas!
-We contacted a lady who said she wasn't interested so we asked her if she knew anyone who was. She told us to go find some old people! I guess old people are more interested in religion or something? I don't know if it is true but i guess we need to go find some more old people.
-Swedish toilets have two flush buttons! One is for... number ones, and the other is for number twos. I guess it saves water or something! Either way don't you the number one button for a number two. 

Wherever, or whoever you are... stay awesome! 

-Äldste Treat 

Gamla Stan

Trail to a members house

Lidingo houses

Don't use button #1 for #2

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