Monday, September 29, 2014

Vikings Live On!

Hejjj peeps! What's good in the hood? Elder Treat here again, reporting live from the Stockholm YSA center. It is 8:43 AM and the day couldn't be more beautiful. It is a cool 13 degrees Celsius (I'm still not sure what that means) and the sun is shining...finally! This week it has been mostly rainy and cold... and missionary work doesn't stop for weather! So it has been a fun (yet wet) week. 

Be Prepared
So one thing that Swedes have taught me this week is the true meaning of the scout motto: Be Prepared. So as you already know it has been a bit rainy in Stockholm, but that doesn't stop Swedes at all. Wanna know why?  Cuz every single person has goulashes, rain coats, umbrellas, you name it. These people are seriously ready to go walking in the rain. I even saw dogs with little doggy raincoats on! I forgot to tell you, but Swedes seem to really like dogs and they take them everywhere. Not like little tiny chihuahua dogs, like full grown massive hairy viking dogs.  It is really crazy and sometimes I feel like they are going to attack me if I contact their owner. So far, so good though! The dogs seem to have the same Swedish quietness and shyness ;)

I went on my first splits this week! Which means I got to switch companions for a day for those of you who are not familiar which mission jargon. It was really fun. I got to go to Jakobsberg, a suburb outside of Stockholm, with Elder Featherstone (who is a total bro in case you were wondering.) So, something funny is that Elder FS is a new missionary too. He has only been out for 10 weeks. So we had 2 super greenie missionaries walking around trying to teach and contact in a language that could barely pass under the title of Swedish. More like Swenglish. Despite our shortcomings, we taught a lesson to a less active member and she really liked it. I think that we had a little heavenly help with that one ;) After our lesson we went home and realized we didn't have much food so we put together this super ghetto recipe we call Greenie Chicken. It was something else. I will try to get the recipe up soon but I don't advise you to make it!

-In Swedish, there is no way to say please. Which is super weird because Swedes are very into manners. Anyways, because of this I think I have stopped saying please in English. So if I come back and I seem like a super rude person I will just blame it on my Swedishness!
-Funny story time. This week I, Camden Treat, weighing in at 147lbs, 5 foot 10, scared a viking man. So picture this! There is a man standing at the bus stop who is a real viking. I'm talking beard, long hair, 300 lbs, 6 foot 5. He is Thor, okay? So little tiny me, in a David and Goliath moment, walks up to him and says ''Hey, uh, Excuse me, but we are missionaries and we invite people to-'' and he looks right and my name tag and acts super scared and shakes his head repeatedly and says ''Nej nej nej!'' And without further to do, he runs away, and maybe missed his bus. So i just stood there for a second, and turned and walked away. It was super weird. 

Well, sadly, I must now depart. Förlåt! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Who are you though? Who evens read on here? Email me and tell me! I would love to hear from you! 

Vi ses,

Äldste Treat 
Swedish Subways are Awesome!
Gamla Stan

This Sign Cracks Me Up!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 3 in Sweden

Hej hej alla! It's me again! I'm sure you have all had a stressful week because you have been counting down to the next time you could read on my blog. Well have no fear, I am back! So, here we go. I've been in Sweden for three weeks now! I am learning things every single day and I am totally loving the beatuy of Sweden and the Swedish language. I have  been on a mission for 2 months now! In some ways it has gone crazy fast, and in some ways I feel like I can barely remember being a normal person. But I am 9% done with my mission and that feels really weird. Anyways, i know you want to know all about my week so with further to do....

Lock Out :(
So here is a really sad story. Last Monday we went to an investigator's house for dinner in a different area than our own. We had really awesome steaks and it was super fun but Elder K made a huge mistake. He put me in charge of the keys... and if you know me from real life you know that i leave things EVERYWHERE. So we were happily riding the elevator to our apartment when i realized that our keys were at the investigator's house who lives 45 minutes away. And it is 10:00 at night. So we had to do an impromtu sleep over with the Karlaplan Elders and then get our keys the next morning. So now Elder K has to keep an eye on me when I am in charge of really important things!

Tracting Adventures
So in our area we have been having a hard time finding people to teach and getting people who are interested in investigating the church. So we try to do a lot of contacting! Contacting is basically just walking around and talking to everyone like a crazy person. In order to make contacting more fun we decided that we would pick destinations in our area and then contact everybody we saw on the way to them. This week we went to a far corner of our island called Elfvik! It took about 3 hours but we talked to a ton of people and we made it to the coast. It was super beautiful. In Sweden there are always forest paths we have to take to get to places. You would think that there wouldn't be people to contact... but there is! Swedes love to wlak through the forest so it actually isn't a bad place to be. The forests here are really cool because they seem like a place where elves or trolls or some nerdy thing could live.It makes it fun! Sometimes contacting is hard though because people don't speak Swedish or English since there is a lot of immigration. We just give them cards so it is all good! 

I cant think of a title!
This week we had Zone Training in Stockholm and afterward we went to Pizza Hut! I am very offended because Swedish pizza doesn't have pepperoni. They just have things like blue cheese and shrimp! But it was a buffet style pizza hut so I can't complain. Zone training was good because we learned that we shouldn't place limitations on ourselves or let any kind of limitation stop us. It made me want to work harder and be better, so I guess it kind of fulfilled it's purpose! Funny how that works. This week was really fun. Between members dinners, random contacting, and hanging out with missionaries we end of finding a lot of opportunities to have fun. 

-I've started smoking cigarettes. Before you freak out let me explain! In Sweden people smoke so much I think that every single time I breath I am taking in cig smoke! Especially in the city. So I bet by the end of the day I am smoking 3 or 4 a day. I have no idea how many actually, i just know it is pretty nasty! We need the word of wisdom up in this piece! 
-Sweden is really quiet. It doesn't matter if you are on the bus, on the train, in a crowd... it is SILENT. Most of the time my companion and I are the only ones talking (Loud Americans) so it is weird. Nobody talks to eachother! So take a moment, and just imagine a Swedish sacrament. The silence is deafening! I don't even want to move because I worry my clothes will bursh together and ruin the silence. It is quite ridiculous

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope your week was as awesome as mine! 
Stay foxy! (What does that mean? Im not sure.)

-Äldste Treat 

Good times


Subway Station

Doggie Obstacle Course

I'm totally harmless I promise!

Good idea or nah?

Elfvik Coast

Elfvik Forest

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lidingo Life

Hej hej alla! Here is just a quick update on my life!

Lidingö Life
Elder K and I are working hard and we are trying to build up a bunch of people to teach. I go home every night super exhausted but we our having a blast on our private little island! This week we talked to about 200 people. A lot of people are pretty nice, some people are rude, and a few are very positive. We focus on those positive people and I think before we know it we will have some new friends to teach! Everyday before we go out and work we play football (soccer for you Americans) with a member from Peru. He is teaching us a lot. It is fun because he kinda acts like our coach! In Lidingö the fun is abundant and the work is progressing. Our biggest enemy is Port codes. Every apartment has a code that is required to get inside, so when we try to swing by peoples houses we are usually stopped. It is okay though because in Sweden everyone is always outside so we meet tons of people on the street. 

This Week 
This week was particularly cool because I visited Gamla Stan for the first time ever. It is the old part of Stockholm. Everything is so neat! The word Gamlastan literally means old city. It is true! There is cobblestone, and old buildings, and viking shops! It is one of my favorite places so far. Another cool thing that happened this week is Elder Bednar came to Sweden. On Thursday i was able to hear him talk for about 5 hours and he imparted a ton of knowledge on me! Since half of the mission was there I was also able to meet a ton of the other bloggers from the Sweden Stockholm mission. It was fun to actually see them in real life.

So i know this blog post is kinda short but I always have to include some funny stuff. 
-This week I saw a man step on the tunnelbana (metro/subway) and he was wearing full body flowery footy pajamas. He looked a bit homeless but his outfit was on point. You see the weirdest things on the tunnelbanas!
-We contacted a lady who said she wasn't interested so we asked her if she knew anyone who was. She told us to go find some old people! I guess old people are more interested in religion or something? I don't know if it is true but i guess we need to go find some more old people.
-Swedish toilets have two flush buttons! One is for... number ones, and the other is for number twos. I guess it saves water or something! Either way don't you the number one button for a number two. 

Wherever, or whoever you are... stay awesome! 

-Äldste Treat 

Gamla Stan

Trail to a members house

Lidingo houses

Don't use button #1 for #2

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sweden at Last!

I Made It! (Barely)
Yes I am here in Sweden! It is so great to be here, but it has been quite the process! So last Friday we were called in to the MTC travel office and we were told that we didn't get our visas. So they told us we would have to stay in the MTC an extra week or maybe we would be reassigned to a state-side mission! Everyone was super bummed, but then on Saturday we were called in and told that we got our visas last minute! It was crazy. So for a while I was reassigned to go to the Washington Vancouver mission which I was actually really excited about. But I guess I'll just have to visit some other time now! 

I got assigned to the Stockholm area so I stayed right here in the big city! My area is a little island called Lidingö!  It is so hard to really explain everything because so much has happened in the past 5 days!  I've met so many new people and seen so many new things. President and Sister Beckstrand are so nice and they really make sure we are taken care of.  I also have a new companion named Elder Keele! He is my trainer. he is a really energetic kid and he has already taught me a lot! We work really hard together! 

So here is just a random list of happenings here in Sverige! 
-I've met people from almost 20 different countries already. I think I haven't even talked to so many actual Swedes.
-I helped two people move in one day and they kept giving me instructions in Swedish, so they were getting mad at me because I could only understand about 2% of what they said. Swedish is harder for me to understand than to speak.
-I bore my testimony in Swedish and it lasted about 5 minutes. Everybody was really impressed with my Swedish, like everyone was talking and whispering during my testimony. 

-We have contacted 100 people on the streets in four days. We talk to everyone. 

-I got yelled at by some Russian guy we contacted who spoke the worst English ever. After I told him we were teaching about Jesus he started yelling about Putin and Ukraine and got really ticked off. I couldn't understand him so we kinda said sorry and bounced. 

-I ride buses and subways everywhere. It is hard getting used to the big city. It is true that if you are talking on the bus or the train you are the only one talking. Swedes are very quiet and it is almost depressing. 

-This place is very anti-religion. People are very pleasant until you mention you are missionary and they they are gone! They will seriously leave the minute you mention it. It is okay though because our job is just to invite people, not to force them!
-I've had so much fun working on my Swedish. I try to read all the signs I see and I try to listen in on peoples conversations. Church was held in Swedish and I think I understood 30% It is so hard but so fun. My goal is to be fluent by Christmas. 

-The toilets flush way differently here. They have a button on the wall or the top of the toilet and instead of swirling they just kinda explode with water and push all the... stuff away. 

-The light switches are all super fat, like they are made for toddlers. I will put a pic up soon. 

-It is so quiet here! Even in the middle of the busiest train station it is really quiet. Swedes are just very reserved and you get some weird looks if you are talking too much in public. 

Anyways I'm sure you will have some questions so feel free to email me! I love hearing from youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! 

-Äldste Treat 

    My apartment view

    My apartment

    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    First Contact



    September 4, 2014

    Dear Brother and Sister Treat,

    We met your son, Elder Camden Edward Treat, this past week as he arrived in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been a delight to become acquainted with him.

    Upon arrival, he was taken in to the city of Stockholm for immigration paperwork. He then went to the Church’s Young Single Adult Center, located in the heart of Stockholm, for a light lunch, training, and contacting in the streets of Stockholm with one of our exceptional, experienced missionaries.  Then he had a glimpse of Stockholm.  The Mission Office was his next stop with an orientation to the Sweden Stockholm Mission policies and procedures. After orientation, Sister Beckstrand and I invited him and his MTC group to dinner at the Mission Home. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in an interview with your son. We concluded the day’s activities with family scriptures and prayer and retired for the evening.

    The next morning we began the day promptly at 6:30 a.m. with breakfast at the Mission Home. We departed the Mission Home for the nearby Täby Chapel where the Assistants, Sister Beckstrand and I provided training.  In the second meeting of the morning, he met his new companion and trainer, Elder Mark Keele. They will serve together in the Stockholm II area of the Sweden Stockholm Mission. I would like you to know I have experienced some of my most tangible moments of revelation in the assigning of companionships.  I know your son and Elder Keele will learn much from each other, and together they will be edified as they labour valiantly, with full purpose of heart and obedience, in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Sent previously was information on the mailing address for letters and packages. This information will help your packages arrive in a timely manner.  Please share the mailing address information with relatives and friends that may be writing or sending packages. Traditionally, Preparation Day is held on Monday in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. This is the day you can expect to receive an email from your son. We encourage you to also communicate weekly with your son as correspondence from home can be a great source of faith and support for this sacred work in which he is engaged.

    I bear my witness that this is the work of our Savior Jesus Christ, and it is a sacred responsibility to wear his name above my heart. I am grateful for all you have done to prepare your son and for the sacrifices you have made and are making to support him as he continues in his labors. May our Heavenly Father’s most generous blessings be with you and yours.

    With respect and kind regards,

    James E. Beckstrand
    James E. Beckstrand, President

    On the waterfront

    At the airport

    Aldste Mark Keele and I will serve in the Stockholm II area