Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week Two ...Check!

Hej alla!
Today marks two weeks of being in the MTC and I am sure you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear from me! The life of a missionary is kind of crazy and it feels as if the normal rules of time don't apply to us. So it is really hard to fit all the events of one week into a short little post because so much has happened in just 7 days. I will try though!

I'm Not a Noob Anymore!
So now that I have been in here for a while I'm officially not a noob. We have a bunch of new kids coming in today who are going to the Netherlands (we call them the Dutchies) so we aren't the new district anymore. It feels good! I am officially 1/3 of the way done with the MTC which is weird because I feel like I have been here for months! It is still funny because I haven't gotten used to being a missionary! Sometimes I see a group of missionaries walking and I think "Oh look! The missionaries!" just like back home. Then I realize there are 2000 missionaries here and I remember where I am at. It is weird when I see myself with a tag on!

When It Rains it Pours
This week has been a little bit eventful! At the MTC we all have ID cards that get us into all the buildings and they are magnetic. Well I put my magnetic tag too close to my ID card and demagnetized it so it wouldn't work anymore. But that's okay because you always have a companion who has there card right? WRONG. He did the same thing, and the place that fixes them was close for 3 days. So we have had to ask people to get all the doors for us. It is pretty lame. As you know I am in a tripanionship, so Aldste Bouton hurt his foot playing soccer so we have been on splits a lot. We have been helping him because he is on crutches, so I've been carrying a lot of stuff around. I'm gonna be so ripped when I come back. Watch out ladies. This week it has also been really rainy and on Monday night it was a torrential downpour for about 10 minutes. A lot of missionaries ran out of class and ran in the rain. Missionaries can have fun too!

Roliga Saker (Funny Stuff)   
Kids get so bored at the MTC they find really ridiculous ways to entertain themselves. I saw a group of Filipino missionaries pretending they were on a bus when they were walking. They had a driver leading them and everyone was "sitting" in 2 columns of 2 seats wide.

Since I am wearing a name tag that says "Elder Treat" on it everyone asks me if that is my real name. yes it is... I also hear something along the lines of "Well its a Treat to meet you" every day!

I have been teaching a Swedish man named Lennart, all in Swedish. Since I have been teaching him about the Plan of Salvation I have been telling him about the atonement. Well four lessons to late I found out that the verbs for kill, and die are really similar. I have been telling my investigator that Jesus killed for him all week. Shoot.

Well that's all for this week! Write me/send me mail! I would love to hear from you! 

-Elder Treat


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