Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week One? Check!

Hej Hej alla!

So I am alive, and I have made it through one week at the Provo MTC.  I think I have become used to everything here, but the first couple days are definitely overwhelming. I'm gonna try to tell you guys everything, but I don't have much time on the computer so this might be short! 

 Min Första Dag (My First Day)
My family dropped me off at the MTC last Wednesday at 1:45. The whole time we were driving to Provo I felt really weird. It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness that kind of ended up making me feel sick. The drop off is really hard because it really only lasts about as long as it takes to give a couple hugs and grab the suitcases out. In my case I think I was gone in about one minute. In some ways I wanted to stay and give a long goodbye, but in order to prevent myself from going into the MTC looking like a crazy baby I decided to man up and walk off like a man. From there I basically hopped aboard an experience similar to "Its a Small World" ride in Disneyland, except weirder. I was ushered through hallways where all kinds of smiling people with name tags greeted me with "Hello Elder" as I proceeded through the check in process. Within 10 minutes of being dropped off I had a name tag on, I had 10 pounds of Swedish literature, and I had my stuff dropped off. Before I knew it I was in Swedish class being greeted by my teacher who still hasn't spoken more than a couple words of English to me. When I
 think about my first day now it all feels like a dream, or kind of like an outer body experience. We had a lot of different orientation meetings and I was kind of zoned out and overwhelmed. I just kept looking at my name tag wondering if it was real. When I finally went to bed at the very late hour of 10:30(Which is not even late for Cam, if you know him you know this!) I was so exhausted I couldn't even sleep!

Min Komrater (My Companions)
So I am in a trio. I call it a tripanionship! I am with Äldste Hemmingsen and Äldste Bouton. Ä. Hemmingsen is from Iowa and he is a really tall kid, he played a lot of sports in high school. Ä. Bouton is from Florida and he is a scriptural expert and a genius. So I am surrounded by both ends of the spectrum. They are both really cool guys and we get a long pretty well! We are the only ones in our room so we have a lot of space. It is pretty nice. My district is comprised of 8 kids going to Sweden, and one kid who is going to Norway. He is the lone Nord. :( We have 3 kids from Idaho in our district, but none are from Utah. Our zone is comprised of all the kids going to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Beligum, and Suriname. We play a lot of soccer, which I guess I should call football since I'm going to Europe. It is strange at the MTC because all the countries are like cliques and they kind of act like their country. We all greet each other in our languages and each zone has different characteristics.  All the Scandinavians stick together. We do everything with our zone. 

Swedish class is my favorite thing here at the MTC. It is very overwhelming because we never talk in English, but I am becoming really good at Swedish much quicker than I thought possible. The Gift of Tongues is real, people! I have only been here for one week and I already have been teaching a man named Lennart in Swedish. I'm sure I sound terrible, but I have so much fun trying to talk with him. Everyone in the class is really impressed with my Swedish. I think I am learning it really quickly because I use it all the time. I try to use Swedish if I know the words. It is a goofy sounding language, but I am having so much fun with it. 

Funny Stuff
-This week for service I was assigned to clean the "Splash Zone." I think you can guess what that means, but if you can't I will give you one clue. It is in the bathroom.
-There is a strict NO DANCING rule at the MTC. I don't know why. It is hard to not be able to show off my moves!
-We use a lot of Tide 2 Go because white shirts and food don't mix.
-Every night in the residence halls a recorded voice comes over the intercom that says "10:30. Lights out." It sounds like something from a SAW movie. Like "Do you want to play a game?" It makes me feel like I am in a prison.
-We are all in a permanent state of tiredness, so everything is funny. It is like those conversation at 3AM... except all the time.
-The word "kiss" in Swedish means "to pee" so even though i am a missionary i have still been kissing. Everyone in my district thinks this is hilarious.

So I have to go because I only get one hour on the computer! Write me letters if you have questions! Use Dear Elder .com because it is awesome!  I would love to hear from you. Hopefully I have time to write back. One thing about the MTC is there is hardly any free time.

See ya bros.

Äldste Treat

The adventure begins!
The District
Aldste Bradley is 6'6" and thinks Camden should be too!
Aldste Peterson and Aldste Treat selfie

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