Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hejdå Provo!

This is my last week in the MTC! We are all trying to work really hard and stay focused, but it is hard. We are all just too excited. All of us have even made guesses about where we are each going to be sent in Sweden! We are doing really well though and improving every day. 

Travel Plans
On Thursday we got some very wonderful mail. Mail is usually one of the best parts of the day, but this particular mail time was particularly good! We got TRAVEL PLANS! *confetti* I think it ruined our focus. They really shouldn't even let you know when you are leaving until the night before because now it is all I can think about. Also, we watched the Danes and Icies head out on Monday which made us even more excited. This week we asked out teachers what you do when you first get to Sweden and they told us that the second day we will probably go street contacting. In some ways that is really motivating and has helped me realize how much more work I have to do to be ready to actually live in Sweden. We are all staying really motivated now!  My Swedish is okay, but definitely not ready. So back to the travel plans! We fly out of SLC to Minneapolis, and then we have a flight to Amsterdam. After that we fly up to Stockholm! We are all kinda worried because we have a really tight connection in Amsterdam, but if we miss our flight and have to chill in Amsterdam for a while no big deal, right?

Last Lesson
We have been teaching two investigators named Mikael and Kris. Our teachers pretend to be people they actually met on their missions so it is really cool. We have been teaching them for about three weeks and we really begin to care about these fictional situations. I feel like it is just a glimpse of real missionary service though. This week Aldste Hemmingsen and I taught out last lesson to Kris. Kris is a man from Romania who loves the Book of Mormon. He read most of the book without us asking! Anyways we had a great lesson on revelation and then invited him to be baptized. Unfortunately, we are gonna be able to make it to his baptism because we are going to be transferred from the Provo area to the Sweden area. It was really cool even though it was fake. Im excited to have real experiences with real people. 

Skype Lesson
This week we were able to Skype with a real Swede! We were told that we would all be talking with members and basically just give them a Family Home evening lesson. Well of course, Aldste Hemmingsen and I drew the lucky straw and right before we got on they told us the person we would be skyping with was a non-member who was investigating! It put a lot of pressure on us because we really wanted to give her a good experience that would hopefully aid her conversion process. I think it went really well and we were able to talk about how the Book of Mormon really is from God not just a book. We talked for about twenty minutes and hopefully answered some of her questions.  I realized that my Swedish wasn't really as good as I thought.... or actually not even close. She laughed at us a lot and had to ask us to repeat our selves often. I think it was a good experience for both of us though! 

A Thief in our Midst
This is really weird. Everyone in my disrict has been losing their garment bottoms. We have no idea where they are all going. By the end of our MTC stay each of us have lost about 4 or 5 bottoms! Even weirder is that we still have all of our shirts so it isnt like we are leaving them somewhere. I came into the MTC with 11 shirts and 11 bottoms, and today I have 11 shirts and 6 bottoms.  I had to buy 6 more today! (1 extra just in case the thief strikes before I leave) We have all tried to decide on the many possible theories on how the heck we are losing so many but we cant really come to a plausible conclusion! We have talked about the possibilities of losing them in the washers, or maybe leaving them by the showers, but the only thing we can come up with is that their is a thief in our midst. A thief that only likes bottoms. Really that is our way of saying we have no idea what is going on. If you have any possible leads please shar them with me. Thanks for you help. 

-Here is another language thing! In Swedish they have slang words, but most of them have to do with violence. Maybe it just comes from the viking times or something, I don't know. If someone wants to say "awesome!" they say grymm! Which literally translated means cruel. Also another way to say awesome if to say "häftigt!" which means violently. Along the same lines as this, Swedes can also say sick the same way we say sick as a slang term. Like "that is sick, bro!" So Swedes can say "det är sjuk!" It is really nifty. 

-One other thing that our teacher taught us is that in Sweden Torbjörn is a common name. Literally translated it means Thunder Bear! What?! Americans need to step it up on the names. Swedes are naming their kids Thunder Bear and we are messing around with sissy names. On a completely related note, I found out what my first born child is going to be named. 

-I cant call the Book of Mormon by its English name any more! In Swedish it is called Mormons Book and that just sounds so much better! I think that is something that will stick with me when I come back. 

Well, the next time you here from me I shall be reporting  from across the pond! Come monday morning I'm peacing out! 

Har det bra,

Äldste Treat


IF Missionaries

Travel Plans have arrived!

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